Share the secrets to meeting the partner, and the practices that will help to stimulate the G-spot

the point of pleasure

Most of you know, where a is the area of the pleasure of the women, and it is the law. However, when it comes to the male physiology, men and women who have lost their... to Find the G-spot for men it's easier than you might think.

The point of G — where a is the

It would seem that the search for her is almost impossible, but it isn't. In the book it IS. An intimate conversation about the body," reads as follows: "the Male G-spot, which is located in the vicinity of the prostate gland. The Prostate gland is located between the scrotum and the anus". The doctor acknowledges that, "some people even orgasm through stimulation of the prostate gland". The fact that the sun passes through the set of nerve fibers, which stimulates the flow of blood to the sex organ. This is a sensitive area that responds quickly to the touch, may cause an erection in men.

How to stimulate the point G

Sexologist advises, "the place between the anus and the testicles to squeeze, massage". To deliver pleasure to a partner for a massage, the application of the lubricant to the strengthening of the slide, and in addition, the pleasant warmth from the hands of the partner. The movement should not be sharp, and the smooth and gradual movement of the fingers in the direction from the anus to the testicles, and back, in addition to this, with a small press, you stimulate the area in a circular motion. The greatest impact will be achieved if you are going to introduce two fingers into the anus of a partner, and the feeling of the prostate gland — which is located on the front wall of the rectum, about 4 to 5 inches from the entrance. However, it is likely that a person will not agree to such a test: "Our cultural environment is one that a man seldom turns out to be a woman, a proposal that would be rimming. They are afraid of the "blame" homosexuality". If your partner still have to agree on an unusual massage, before deployment, make sure that your nails are the right length, so as not to cause damage to man, his fingers greased generously with lube — it is completely harmless to the body. Similar to the movement of the stimulating of the prostate. Some of the girls of the show to join the massage to oral sex to make the man feel as comfortable as possible.

Prior to the stimulation of the point G

a relaxing environment

"After 35 years, some of the men the prostate gland becomes enlarged. It swells, increasing the pressure on the bladder from both sides. There is a problem in urinating. This should not be ignored because of problems with the prostate gland is very effect on sexual function. Men have a slightly enlarged prostate, is suffering from a low libido, erectile dysfunction and ejaculation, getting less and less pleasure from their sex lives," commented a sex therapist. The Prostate massage helps to reduce the risk of tumour development, which will lead to the removal of the prostate gland. Better to avoid, in order not to damage the nerve fibers, which, as we have already mentioned, it is in this area in abundance. This was the case, that is, the removal of the tumor leads to impaired or complete loss of erection. For a prostate to eat a cranberry, and a regular sex or masturbate."

As you can see, the G-spot in men is not a myth. Massage of the Prostate gland is very useful, not only to meet the partner, but also for the preservation of his health. It is important to periodically examine the reproductive system for the determination of non-compliance, and to eliminate them before the event to come to the aid of the surgeon.