A simple and effective folk remedy that enhance male potency

Folk remedies for increase of efficiency of the men, and they help to deal with the sexual issues, but only if it is used in conjunction with a course of treatment recommended by your doctor. The lower the incidents of sexual function the use of natural medicines, which help a person to feel confident during the sexual intercourse. Folk remedies, which are inexpensive, almost without side effects and, often, very tasty.

St. john's wort

Here's what you need to know before you use the recipes of traditional medicine

Reduced intensity may be a temporary phenomenon. Often, it is due to the fact that he is the man for a long time in a state of stress, the hard work. In such a situation, it is a folk remedy is able to restore the man's confidence, improve their health, in General.

However, in most of the cases, erection problems can occur on the background of diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue. An inflammation of the prostate adenoma are the most common culprits for the interference of a sexual nature. Deterioration of potency, it can also be caused and other reasons:

  • age-related decline in the level of male hormones;
  • the infectious process in organs of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue;
  • of neurological diseases.
  • chronic alcoholism, long-term addiction to tobacco;
  • a sedentary life-style;
  • the style of food with a predominance of animal fat, and carbohydrates.

To get rid of sexual weakness, you need to carry out a comprehensive treatment of the. Depending on the cause the doctor will prescribe antibiotics, hormonal medications, physical therapy, physical therapy, special exercises. The Specialist will give you advice on on where the the folk remedies, it is better to use recommended medicines.

The most effective herbs for increasing the efficiency of the

Herbal remedies to enhance the strength of the having a tricky action to take. They reduce inflammation, improve the circulation of blood in to the reproductive system, has had a positive impact on the quantity and quality of sperm.

Another advantage of this herbal treatment is a popular recipe – the availability of the ingredients for making decoctions and infusions. Useful herbs for men's health and you can prepare yourself or purchase in a drugstore.

St. john's wort

A fragrant plant with yellow flowers, it is recommended to be taken in a low potency. The infusion of over 10 grams of dry material. It is placed in an enamel bowl, pour over 250ml of boiling water. Cover and infuse for 30-45 minutes, strain. The milk is slightly warm, three times per day for a 70-oz. in the 2 weeks.

To prepare the tincture should be mixed dry st. john's wort (1 part) with vodka (5 parts). The mixture was placed in a glass jar, sealed, insist in a dark place for 5-7 days. Take a tincture of a month to 40 drops at a frequency of 3 times per day.



The fight against the sexual problems of the traditional medicine uses the flowers of lungwort. It is advisable to prepare a decoction of 4 tablespoons of the dry mass of the raw material, which is filled with 200 ml of boiling water. Insist the mixture for 30 minutes. The soup, strain and take three times a day 30 minutes before a meal. The treatment with the decoction lasts for 5 weeks.

Lungwort can be mixed with red wine. The tools that you will need 10 grams of fresh plants in 1 glass of hot alcohol. After half an hour of an infusion to drink warm wine. This tool is is an an aphrodisiac, it is taken just before sexual activity.


A man who deals with the question of how to restore the power of the folk remedy, urologists advised to take ginseng. Are prepared a tincture and add-ons to the root, which is sold in pharmacies.

You can prepare a natural cure. The root of the plant is crushed (1 tsp), add the honey (350g) to the brew for 10 to 12 days. Accept 3 times a day for up to 2 months. This is a folk remedy enhance the potency and make it brighter, and harmonizes the hormonal men.


The burning of grass, it is not only useful for male potency. The plant, improves the metabolism, fills the body with vitamins. For the improvement of the status of the treatment of the diseases of the urinary system and the genital system, males are the recommended that the infusion of 1 tsp of dried nettle, poured a cup of boiling water. You must stand in this mixture for 1 hour, and then you can drink filtered in 70 ml three times a day. The treatment of folk remedy lasts for 3-4 weeks.

Again, a good effectiveness of aid, the seeds of the plant. You will be asked to pour 5 tablespoons of raw materials to 0.5 liters of port wine. The mixture is brought to a boil and keep on a low heat for 5 minutes. Strain and drink 50 ml every day, or to split the part into 3 parts, (1 tbsp).


As a means of increasing the efficiency of the thyme known since ancient times. The herb has a stimulating effect, relieves inflammation, strengthens the immune system.

For the treatment of problems with potency folk medicine uses the dried flowers of the thyme. Take 1 tablespoon of herbs, pour a glass of boiling water. Push the under lid, for 25-30 minutes, then drink it instead of tea. The receipt of these funds will be allowed prior to the 6-month period.

The Air

The rhizomes in the marsh plants, which have been thoroughly washed, is dried and is in powder form to chew 3 times a day. To increase the power, you can use a tincture, prepared according to a traditional recipe. For her 1 piece of chopped roots pour 5 parts of alcohol. Insist 14 days, occasionally stirring. Take the medicine three times a day. The course duration is 1 month.

Rowan and the rose

The fruit of the mountain ash and wild rose, to be used in the preparation of folk remedies in the reduces the potency. Fragrant tea it is, if you put 20 grams of the dried berries into a thermos, pour 400 ml of boiling water. After about 5 minutes, and the ability to seal and allow to stand for 6-8 hours at a time. Take a healing drink 100 ml 3 times a day.

Rhodiola rosea

Rhodiola rosea

If it's a question of how it is formed, to increase the efficiency of using Rhodiola rosea. In order to prepare this infusion take 20 grams of dried root, and 100 ml of vodka. Stand the mixture in a dark place for 2 weeks. Then strain and take 15-20 drops to a half-hour before meals, three times a day. The therapy lasts for up to 3 weeks.

Aspen bark

To increase the efficiency of the men in the use of shredded aspen bark. For the soup 1 tbsp. l. minced raw pour 2 cups boiling water, leave to languish under the cover on the water-bath for 30 minutes. After that, strain and drink in 3 divided doses. The course lasts for 3 weeks.

From them in the preparation of the infusion to increase strength, eliminate inflammation, and hypertrophy of the prostate gland, as well as the treatment of cystitis. Pour 2 tablespoons of dried buds with 200 ml of boiling water. Push the mixture to a low boil for 10 minutes. Strain, pour over the boiling water, so that a liquid volume equal to 200 ml. Drink the infusion prepared in accordance with the people's prescription drugs, three times a day for 1/3 Cup.

How to treat impotence with honey and propolis

Bee products have a healing effect on the entire body. They are especially useful to the men having problems with potency. Before you begin your treatment with a honey or propolis, you need to ensure no allergies to them.

Mix this with the nuts

To improve the potency, folk healers recommend that you mix the honey with the walnuts. The cleaned kernels are ground and pour a natural sweetness, so that it is coated with the nuts. Mix thoroughly. Use a folk remedy for the weak and the strength of the 2 to 3 tablespoons at Breakfast and dinner.

In the morning it is necessary to Complement the sweetness of the medicine of ginger tea.1 tbsp. l. grated on a fine grater ginger, mixed with 0,5 tsp of dry mint, and pour a glass of boiling water. Drink warm, along with a walnut and honey) on the floor.

Milk with propolis tincture

Bring the milk, in combination with the propolis can be useful for improving the potency, strengthens the immune defense of the body. Folk healers recommend that you add it to a glass of hot milk 20 drops of tincture of pharmacy. Drink this cure just before going to bed. The treatment may take up to 2 weeks, a month later, repeat the course.

Rectal candles from the wax and honey of a cake

If you want to increase the power of the folk remedy in 3 days, you need to use the candles out of the cake with a butter squash. Cook them like this:

  1. Animal fat or coconut/cocoa butter (200 g) was reached in the water bath.
  2. Add 50 g crushed into a powder, propolis, and honey.
  3. Mix all ingredients, then pour 150 ml of pumpkin oil.
  4. Poured into molds, freeze.

Thus, the spark plugs are prepared according to a traditional recipe, it is inserted into the rectum every night. After 2 weeks of treatment a significant improvement of the potency.

Pork loin sprinkled with parmesan and baked tomatoes

Fruits and vegetables to increase male potency: tried and tested recipes

To normalize the erectile function in support of not only medicinal plants, but the products are almost always close at hand. The fresh juices, vegetables, fruits can help in order to deal with the problem.

Vitamin water

To address the problems with erection a man needs to use the juice.

The most effective folk remedies for the improvement of the powers to consider the mixture of the juice of the green, and the parsley. For a healthy drink, with the stem and leaves of the plant, you will need a large bunch of the greens. The taste of the juice is not to everyone's taste, so you have to add the juice of a carrot.

Equally useful and and other with:

  • to this chapter;
  • try;
  • power;
  • lemon (drink it diluted with water);
  • pomegranate;
  • to the grapes.

To increase the efficiency of the day to eat small portions (50-100 ml) for one hour after the meal.


This vegetable is the king of aphrodisiacs. Folk medicine recommends to use it in its raw form, as a complement to the meat. A healthy salad with grated celery root, the stalks of it. The precious materials, which are better absorbed, the dishes, the green taste of the vegetable oil, and sour cream.

Stewed or roasted tomatoes

Tomatoes contain lycopene, which is necessary for the normal functioning of the reproductive system in males. The Folk prescription, we propose the use of as much of the tomato. The means of power can be used not only in fresh form.


To prevent the loss of the power of the the use of fragrant herbs. A good mix of 2 table spoons of parsley with the same amount of cilantro, and seasoned with lemon juice and a teaspoon of vegetable oil. For this salad you need to eat it every day for 2 weeks. This folk remedy does not only solves the problem of weak potency, but regular use contribute to the disintegration of oxalate kidney stones.


It will help if you have problems with potency parsnip root. It would grind until mushy state, mix with the 6 tablespoons of sugar. Pour the mixture in 2 cups of boiling water, boil on a moderate heat for about 10 minutes. Leave cover for 6 to 8 hours at a time. The strained infusion drink 1 tbsp 30 minutes before each meal.

The berries of the asparagus

More power to come very soon, when you eat asparagus. The stems of this plant are slightly welded, and eat it with the sauce. Asparagus are easy to digest, rich in proteins, trace elements and vitamins. The plant serves the purpose, during a romantic dinner – it has a stimulating effect on humans.


The pumpkin

For the good of the power, and not only healers, but also as urologists, we recommend the resources from the score. Useful seeds, pulp, juice. But the strongest health benefit of reduced intensity is produced by the pumpkin-seed oil. This was taken in between meals, and 1 tsp of the treatment Lasts for 3-4 weeks.

Sea buckthorn

The orange berries have a sedative, antibacterial, tonic effect. Folk medicine recommends men to drink, sea-buckthorn fresh, pureed.

Easy-to-prepare of the active substance-sea buckthorn tea according to a traditional recipe. 2 tbsp of strawberry puree, filled with boiling water. After 15 minutes the drink is ready. Drink it three times a day, and add 1 tsp.the honey is.


This vegetable helps, or if it is a question of how to get back a man's potency.

Prepare a folk remedy to easy. Need to make a slurry of 500 g of garlic, pour 200 ml of cold boiled water. Push the people's medicine for one month in the refrigerator, and then filtered. Take 10 drops three times a day.

How does it can increase the sex drive

The improvement of the sexual functions to assist the seafood-mussels, oysters, squid. Appropriate for a half-hour prior to sexual activity drink a kefir smoothie with a banana, eat a couple of quail eggs. But the use of strong drink, traditional medicine is not recommended. They cause the desire, but it will make a man insolvent in bed. The biggest is that you can enjoy during a romantic dinner, a glass of dry wine.