Home ways to increase male potency

causes of decreased potency in men

Almost every man faces sexual failure in his life. And erectile dysfunction and decreased libido are not always observed in old age. Today, potency problems are "younger" and more common at the age of 35-30 and even 25.

Men rarely turn to a specialist for their first alarming symptoms, relying on self-healing or hoping everything will go away on their own. This leads to deteriorating health, the development of pathological changes in the tissues and a number of complications. Let’s explore all the options on how to quickly increase your potential at home without compromising your health and maximizing your long-term impact.

Why is potency declining?

Potency is a combination of many factors, including a man’s attractiveness to a woman, his ability to have a long enough and good quality sexual relationship to enjoy intimacy with his partner.

As a general rule, a man’s sexual activity peaks at 16-30 years. After 45-50 years, the natural decline in potency begins, however, after 70-80 years, men can enjoy sex several times a week (or more often), maintain fertility, and have sex.

You can improve your home efficiency if you understand exactly what caused it to decrease and take all measures to correct the situation. And only a specialist can identify this factor or a combination of 2-3 reasons after a thorough examination.

Regardless, only assumptions can be made that, according to statistics, are not always correct. Doctors consider the most common reasons for a decrease in potency:

ways to increase male potency
  • an inactive lifestyle that leads to various diseases and stagnant processes in the pelvis;
  • stress, overload, depression, lack of sleep, and rest, often found in the modern rhythm of life;
  • unfavorable family and work environment, lack of self-confidence;
  • acute and chronic diseases - inflammation of the prostate, diabetes mellitus, vascular atherosclerosis, stroke and others;
  • taking medications, including medicines to normalize blood pressure and hormonal medications;
  • Unbalanced diet and bad habits.

If you’re now thinking about how to give back your potential at home, start by changing your lifestyle to be healthy and active. The recommendation seems banal, but even small steps in this direction will give the first visible result in a few weeks.

But don't expect immediate results. For example, after quitting smoking for 5-10 years with the experience of this bad habit, the body only recovers six months later.

Techniques to increase efficiency at home

There are many ways to increase male potency at home, but not all of them are equally safe and effective. See a doctor immediately if you experience the following disturbing symptoms in addition to erectile and libido problems:

  • pain during urination and ejaculation;
  • blood or pus impurities in semen and urine;
  • severe pain in the genitals and lower abdomen;
  • urinary disorders;
  • characteristic unpleasant odor of urine, sperm and other secretions of the urethra;
  • genital redness, ulcers and sores on the genitals.

These symptoms may indicate a serious illness that requires immediate diagnosis and treatment. Therefore, throw away any doubt and hesitation, consult a doctor.

Usually an andrologist, urologist, neurologist can help solve “male” problems, but sometimes it is necessary to seek additional cardiologists, endocrinologists, psychologists, and other doctors.

In other cases, you can increase your home efficiency quickly and over a long period of time in the following ways:

  • intake of synthetic and natural preparations, food supplements, vitamin and mineral complexes;
  • use folk recipes to improve efficiency at home;
  • performing special exercises;
  • procedures to harden and strengthen the immune system;
  • balanced diet.

Preparations to increase efficiency

drugs that increase the effectiveness of men

All medicines to increase efficiency at home can be purchased at pharmacies or ordered online. Many of these do not require a medical prescription.

However, this does not mean that you can choose any of the treatments, as each has its own contraindications and characteristics of use.

All medications for men's problems can be divided into several major groups:

  1. Erection stimulants of synthetic origin.The distinguishing feature of such funds is quick action, but with additional stimulation. These drugs have a lot of contraindications and possible side effects, so they are not suitable for everyone. Therefore, doctors say that such therapies quickly increase effectiveness at home, but are often unsafe.
  2. Homeopathic remedies and dietary supplements.They are characterized by a mild effect, minimum post-administration contraindications and possible complications, a beneficial effect on the whole body and the natural composition. But dietary supplements do not have a proven effectiveness and they affect individual organisms in their own way and do not always give the desired effect.
  3. Vitamin-mineral complexes and immunostimulants.These funds should be selected in conjunction with a professional in the event that a person’s body is weakened and in need of support. The effect of such home potency management is noticeable only after 2-3 months if the person has followed all the recommendations of the professionals.
  4. Medications that affect the causes of erectile dysfunction.These include antispasmodics that improve blood circulation and sedatives. In each case, they choose the drug that is most suitable for a man. For some, it is enough to drink in valerian drops or pills and sometimes with other stronger sedatives to solve sleep and erection problems.

Don’t decide how to increase efficiency quickly, on your own, even if it seems to be caused by fatigue and nervous strain. But first, think about your lifestyle. And if you don’t notice positive changes in sex within a week or two, go to the doctor.

Folk recipes

There are many popular recipes to increase efficiency at home today that have come to us since ancient times and are still popular. Of these, it is worth noting:

  1. Use of tinctures and decoctions of herbs, rhizomes and other plant parts.Cordyceps mushrooms, ginseng root, calamus, ginger, St. John's wort, uterus, hawthorn and some other herbs are especially effective.
  2. Use products at home that increase a man’s effectiveness.To restore libido and lasting erections, experts recommend that you include all the aphrodisiacs in your diet: fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and berries, some spices, chicken and quail eggs, and seafood. In particular, doctors recommend vitamin blends such as honey with nuts and onions with garlic, which are considered the best immunostimulants.
  3. Original folk remedies to increase efficiency at home.This should include applying mustard plasters to the legs, which traditional healers say increases blood flow to the penis and testicles. Another recipe is rubbing the genitals with ice cubes, bathing with soda or bay leaf, microcrystalline soda and herbal decoctions. But these methods have no clinically proven efficacy and are not safe. For example, ice can lead to inflammation, hypothermia, impaired blood flow, and many other problems.

Exercises and Curing Procedures

exercise to increase potency

Another group of effective tools for increasing efficiency at home is training the pelvic, hip, and anus muscles, as well as hardening procedures. They help improve blood circulation, speed up the removal of toxins and all metabolic processes, contrast showers, watering and rubbing with cold water, swimming outdoors and in the pool, and many other aquatic procedures. But keep in mind that training has contraindications.

Baths, saunas, sun and air baths also help to strengthen the immune system, make a person stronger and more durable, improve the functioning of all organs and systems, including hormonal ones. You just need to know that you are good by all measures and listen to your body.

There are also special exercises to improve efficiency at home. All of them use the muscles of the anus and pelvic floor, which contribute to better and longer intercourse, increased feelings during sex, and normalization of blood circulation.

Workouts should start with the simplest exercises, gradually increasing the load and complexity. You should not seek to break any record. The point is to move slowly and carefully towards your goal, complete the chosen complex on a regular basis, and add variety.


There are many ways to increase efficiency at home. But don’t assume that medications or any other method you choose will bring quick and long-term results if you continue to follow your normal lifestyle.

Only an integrated approach and caring for the body will have the desired effect, helping you to experience a passionate desire and joy in intimacy, regardless of age.