Causes of men’s potency problems: the most important thing to talk about

Reasons for a decrease or lack of potency in men? What actions lead to a decrease in libido? What causes erectile dysfunction? What to do if male libido decreases? We will talk about this in our article today. Decreased libido was previously considered a typical female problem. Nowadays, men are also struggling with a decrease in sexual energy. According to experts, this problem affects 12-13% of men aged 40-80.

What determines high or low libido?

causes of potency problems in men

There is no doubt that libido depends on many physiological and psychological factors. It also depends on lifestyle, parenting, hormones, fantasies and feelings. Therefore, the reasons for its decline are different.

There are several elements that make you want to have sex:

  • hormone concentration;
  • sexual motivation, i. e. , the mental component of desire that depends on the partnership, compatibility, and love of both partners;
  • satisfies the partner’s desires and expectations, i. e. , the environment that governs sexuality, social norms, religiosity, and the desire to realize the partner’s fantasies.

External libido often causes a decrease in libido:

  • stress;
  • malnutrition;
  • lack of movement;
  • pollution.

Illness also contributes to a decrease in sexual desire:

  • depression;
  • hypertension;
  • obesity;
  • musculoskeletal disorders;
  • other diseases that affect physical performance.

In addition, some medications reduce sexual desire, such as antidepressants or even hair growths.

A decrease in libido can also be observed in men who engage in strenuous sports such as running a marathon. It is caused by high oxidative stress on the body.

Oxidative stress in the body is an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants when free radical production or antioxidant activity decreases. This is a dangerous condition.

What should I do if my libido drops?

what to do in case of potential problems

With decreased libido, partners with impaired sexual desire are often more open to help than those who are struggling with the problem alone. A person with low libido simply feels worse and has a harder time admitting a deterioration in shape.

Women often talk about the problem of lack of desire in their partner. Men usually talk about it between the lines. This is almost never a fundamental problem that a professional can help you deal with.

Men often defend themselves by their wife complaining of a lack of libido. They pretend not to understand this. The problem of decreased libido should not be a taboo subject, especially since it is becoming more common among men.

Diagnosing the cause of decreased libido is important for treatment. If the reason for the lack of desire is physiological (hormonal disorders, kidney disease, liver, epilepsy, depression), then the treatment is carried out pharmacologically.

If, on the other hand, psychic problems cause decreased desire, patients are referred to psychotherapy. The effect of treatment depends on the right method and the patient's motivation.

Causes of erectile dysfunction and decreased libido

Erectile dysfunction is directly related to penile erection. Mental causes are less common than previously thought, as they affect only 20% of patients (depression, stress, inexperience, negative sexual experiences).

About 80% of sexual desire problems are physiological (age, penile vascular status, metabolic diseases such as diabetes, surgery, mental illness, medications) and lifestyle (alcohol and cigarette abuse).

why the potency is declining and what to do

Physiological issues affecting libido:

  • Premature ejaculation and potency disorders (men do not want to resist these disorders);
  • hormonal disorders (low testosterone);
  • neurological disorders such as epilepsy, depression, other neurological diseases;
  • progressive kidney and liver disease;
  • fear of sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS;
  • medications (e. g. antidepressants);
  • drugs, alcohol.

Mental problems with libido:

  • Too high tasks are set for each other in terms of gender;
  • dissatisfaction with
  • partner;
  • partnership issues;
  • sexual expectations not met;
  • anxiety, depression, psychosis;
  • workaholic and constant lack of time;
  • stress;
  • Negative sexual experience.

Social issues related to libido:

  • unemployment;
  • trouble at work.

As you can see, there are a number of external and internal stimuli that negatively affect a man’s sexual health. The success of the fight against poor libido is guaranteed if the cause of the decrease in sexual activity is identified in the early stages of erectile dysfunction. This saves time and restores male strength in the shortest possible time.