Natural preparations to increase the effectiveness of men

According to statistics, only about 30% of men boast excellent reproductive and reproductive health. The others face various problems from time to time, one of which is erectile dysfunction. The symptom can appear at any age, the frequency of violations is related to lifestyle, the presence of chronic pathologies, diet.

Inconsistency in bed causes physiological difficulties, and a decrease in potency also affects a man’s emotional state. The fight against poor efficacy should not start with medicines, but with a review of nutrition and the use of folk recipes. This allows for the effects of gentle methods on the body and eliminates the development of side reactions.

As soon as there are problems with the genitals, a person needs medical advice. This is important to rule out severe pathologies. When dysfunction is caused by diseases of the reproductive system, the underlying disease is treated. Otherwise, no means will give the desired result, the man is wasting his time and energy.

Causes of decreased erections that are not associated with pathologies include:

  1. lack of minerals and vitamins;
  2. abuse of animal fats, alcoholic beverages, smoking;
  3. sedentary lifestyle;
  4. Long-term use of certain medications.

The problem cannot be ignored even in the case of occasional loosening. Furthermore, a latent course of genital infection is not ruled out, which at the very beginning does not give specific symptoms, but only manifests itself in a decrease in potency and libido.

To normalize the condition, natural remedies are recommended to increase the potency of men. They are used in complex therapy or as a stand-alone device.


Bee honey is a natural aphrodisiac, the product holds a record content of macronutrients, microelements and vitamins. It is added to food, consumed as a bite, or used to make medicinal mixtures.

The advantage of the pot is the honey-walnut mixture. The device improves the function of the erection, improves blood circulation in the blood vessels of the penis. To do this, mix the lime or buckwheat honey and the peeled walnuts in equal proportions.

If ejaculation is disturbed, a small amount of dates and dried apricots are added to the mixture. Dried fruits contribute to the better functioning of the genitals, normalize the chemical composition of sperm. The mixture is taken twice a day with a large spoon.

The duration of treatment should not exceed 2 weeks, as the ingredients are:

  • is ​​high in calories;
  • can have a detrimental effect on your metabolism.

But this method is contraindicated for overweight men.

Honey candles also help fight reduced potency. They are easy to make at home, the main ingredient of the product is wax cake.

500 g of oily cake and 500 ml of medical alcohol should be mixed, then the mixture is placed over low heat and boiled. Cook until the mixture is thick and brown. Then add half a kg of grease base to the container, remove from the heat, cool.

From the mass of room temperature, small candles are made by hand, the length of which should not be more than 2 cm, after the candle has been placed in the refrigerator overnight, preferably for one day, to solidify. Vaseline, glycerin, goose, badger, or bear fat are considered fatty bases.

Important!Suppositories should be gently inserted into the anus twice daily for 30 days. It is important to perform an enema before the procedure as this will improve the absorption of nutrients.

Healing Herbs

Herbs will be excellent assistants in the fight against male problems. Phytoteas are easily tolerated by the body and contain many tannins, vitamins, essential oils and minerals. Herbs dilate blood vessels, increase blood flow and normalize the blood supply to the penis, scrotum and testicles.

Plants are broad-spectrum, destroying pathogenic microorganisms, positively affecting the condition of the urogenital system, preventing the development of infectious processes in the urethra, bladder and kidneys.

Ginseng Root

ginseng root to increase efficiency

This natural aphrodisiac has stimulating and toning properties. The plant has a wealth of beneficial properties, including an increase in overall body tone and duration of intercourse. Ginseng root increases physical endurance, stimulates erectile function, provides protection against premature aging and increases libido.

Ginseng has its roots in various medications and dietary supplements for the treatment of various sexual disorders. To restore male strength, you should regularly add a little crushed root to the tea, or simply prepare a healing tincture from it.

The list of ingredients includes:

  1. flower honey (350 grams);
  2. rubbing
  3. alcohol (30 ml);
  4. crushed dried ginseng root (1 teaspoon).

The components are mixed, infused in the dark for ten days and then filtered. Drink 1/2 teaspoon three times a day.

Important!The duration of therapy is at least two months.


The antibacterial, firming and tonic properties of nettle

are widely known. The healing plant becomes an assistant in the fight against potency disorders.

nettle to increase efficiency

To prepare the medicinal mixture, take a large bunch of fresh nettle greens, pour boiling water and chop thoroughly. The herb is then poured with 100 ml of boiling water, adhered to for half an hour, filtered through a cheesecloth or a special sieve, thirty minutes before a meal.

This method is suitable for spring treatment when young nettle green is just developing. Ripe leaves can increase blood clotting, impair blood circulation in the genital area. You should drink a healing broth two to three times a day for a period of forty-five days.

If fresh grass cannot be used, it can be replaced with seeds (available at the pharmacy). Pour a tablespoon of seeds into a glass of honey with 50 grams of high quality red wine. Store the mixture in the refrigerator with a small spoon three times a day.

Important!We recommend that you treat for 2 months, then take a break and continue your treatment.


thyme can also effectively combat male health problems. This plant is recognized as the most beneficial in improving male potency. Contains a lot of chromium and zinc. Without these substances, the full work of the reproductive organs is impossible.

herbs to increase the effectiveness of men

If a man is planning to become a father in the near future, it is recommended that he drink herbal tea every day. The tincture of the plant helps to overcome erectile dysfunction. Make medicine with two small spoons of herbs and a glass of boiling water, leave for twenty minutes.

The healing fluid is taken twice or four times a day as tea for at least four months.

Important!After the expiration, take a 2-month break and then resume therapy, reducing the daily dose to one cup per day.


Poplar bark is an excellent folk remedy to increase the effectiveness of men. It contains flavonoids and phagocytes that have a positive effect on the male body.

The bark, leaves and buds of the tree are also used to make anti-impotence drugs. They can be made on their own or ready to buy at the pharmacy. In summer, decoctions are made, tinctures and extracts are made. The crust should be chewed and dissolved to allow the healing substances to enter the body in pure form.

To increase efficiency, it is enough to buy a few large spoons of poplar buds, pour a glass of boiling water and stick to it for at least an hour. It should be taken before meals; to improve the taste of the tincture, it is permissible to add a little honey.

Important!You can even take the drug for people with hypertension and diabetes.

Quickly increase potency

Mustard plasters

mustard plasters to increase efficiency quickly

Traditional medicine knows safe methods of treating impotence that solve the problem and do not harm men’s health.

If a person has a bad penis, mustard plasters will help. In moderate topical use, they slightly irritate the reflex zones of the legs, which are responsible for stable libido and erection.

The application of mustard plasters is moistened one by one in warm, warm water and then applied to the feet for ten to fifteen minutes. During this period, active blood flows into the pelvic organs, the size of the penis increases and hardens.

Must not use mustard patches at high body temperatures, cracks, open wounds, calluses.

Important!In case of chronic diseases of the respiratory system and heart, a doctor should be consulted in advance.

Walking barefoot

And this method is based on the reflex stimulation of the active points of the human body. Walking barefoot helps you cope with impotence, you just have to take off your shoes and walk on the floor for a few hours. A stronger effect can be observed with subsequent foot massages.

It should be noted that such treatment is prohibited in diseases of the musculoskeletal system: heel spurs, bursitis.

Important!With these pathologies, the pain increases and there can be no therapeutic effect.

Oriental Spices

spices and condiments to increase efficiency

Eliminating a slow erection also provides oriental spices when added to regular Indian tea. Even with the intermittent occurrence of symptoms of erectile dysfunction, the drug helps prevent the pathology and prevent it from getting worse.

Oriental spices improve the functioning of the central nervous system, helping to cleanse blood vessels of toxins and toxins. It manages to increase the tone of the body, improve the functioning of the central nervous system.

The recipe for making a medicinal drink is simple. While brewing black tea, small amounts of saffron, ginger and cloves are added. Systematic use of natural Viagra is used to prevent impotence.

Because ginger is present, it is not recommended to use a prescription for gastritis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, internal bleeding.

Important!When used wisely, spices are extremely beneficial, and opinions about the method are positive.

How to increase efficiency after 50

After the age of 50, patients are interested in how long herbal preparations used to increase potency in men prolong male strength. Men now need to pay special attention to their health, as many of them have severe chronic diseases of the urogenital system.

Your doctor will prescribe a safe and effective method, such as pumpkin seeds. They are consumed raw, because during baking and drying the activity of valuable substances decreases several times, some of them evaporate, the expected therapeutic effect does not occur.

means to increase efficiency in adulthood

Making a pumpkin medicine is as easy as peeling the pear you will need:

  • cut 5 small spoons of pumpkin;
  • add 3 tablespoons of bee honey;
  • pour 15 drops of fresh aloe juice;
  • mix, leave for two days.

The resulting product is taken 6 times a day in a dose of 1 teaspoon. The duration of therapy is 10-30 days, depending on the severity of the pathology.

As you can see, treating sexual impotence with natural remedies is a very effective way to normalize the condition. However, positive dynamics can only be achieved with the condition of an integrated approach to therapy.

If you start treating impotence at the very beginning of a health problem, your chances of getting rid of it for many times increase. It should be recalled that traditional methods may have contraindications and limitations, and may even negatively affect the cardiovascular system.