Everything about male ejaculation: what is it for, when is it secreted and is there sperm in it?

Normally, the ejaculate appears as a colorless and transparent sticky adhesive.

From the article you can learn what a precum is - how it looks, why it is needed, how to change the amount. We will also tell you if it contains sperm and if you can get pregnant from it.

What men have under-eye fluid

The fluid under the eyes, or pre-ejaculate, sticky lubricant, is a transparent mucus that secretes from the urethra of the penis. It is released before ejaculation, enters the vagina during unprotected intercourse, and is mixed with sperm during ejaculation.

How does he look like:Ejaculate is a colorless, transparent, viscous substance that resembles crude egg white.

When it stands out:During sexual arousal, the ejaculate is excreted.

Where it stands out:From Cooper's glands - hence the name "Cooper's fluid" and from the paraurethral glands of Littre. The preparation also contains prostate juice. The Cooper glands, also known as bulbourethral, are no larger than a pea and are located on either side of the urethra under the prostate.

Littre’s glands resemble curls that run the full length of the urethra. Their number reaches 30 and more. The secretions of these glands are constantly excreted and provide lubrication to the urethra, but they begin to work more actively during sexual arousal.

How much has been allocated:the amount of lubricant when excited is unique. Some men have very little of it, while others reach 5-6 ml. Here you can draw a resemblance to women: some need extra lubricant for sex, while others only need their own lubricant. The amount of secretion produced by the bulbourethral glands is directly dependent on the levels of testosterone and dihydrotestosterone. In men with prostatic hyperplasia, the level of the latter increases, so the amount of release due to excitement is quite high, but its composition is different from normal.

Pre-ejaculate composition:the seminal and seminal fluid have many similar components. The ejaculate is rich in sialoproteins, enzymes and amino sugars and has an alkaline reaction.

Features:The precursor seed is used to lubricate the gonads, to facilitate access to the vagina of the penis, to prepare the urethral canal for the passage of sperm, and to feed the sperm. The secret washes away the remnants of urine, bacteria, alkalizes the environment, including the vagina, making the germ cells as comfortable as possible.

Is there sperm in the seminal fluid:certainly not during training. They are not synthesized by the glands and are not connected in any way to the testicles, but there may be sperm in the ejaculate leaving the urethra - it all depends on the phase of sexual intercourse. During intense arousal, as you approach orgasm, the testicles extend as far as possible to the groin - this is the pre-ejaculation stage. The fallopian tubes begin to act as a pump, pumping sperm from the epididymis and pushing them into the urethra of the prostate. There, they expect reflex orgasmic contractions - the process of sperm rejection. Each specimen could theoretically travel along the urethra and mix with Cooper gland secretions.

Sperm can remain in the precum during previous ejaculation. Some men have spermatorrhea or sperm incontinence. This is usually due to high testosterone, taking many medications. Excited sperm are excreted imperceptibly, making it impossible to predict their presence or absence in the precum without analysis.

Is pregnancy possible due to seminal fluid:there are cases - so 20 out of 100 women get pregnant. If the plot is repeated, this probability increases. Sperm trapped in the ducts are discharged from the urethra with a new portion of pre-seminal secretion and can enter the vagina. In practice, 15-20% of men have a small amount of sperm in their precum, although it is not of the best quality, so it is not worth practicing interrupted intercourse as a method of contraception - you may get pregnant.

What color can ejaculation be?

Normally, the ejaculate is colorless and transparent. Changes in color and consistency occur in the background of inflammation - couperite. Due to the activity of pathogens, the secret becomes cloudy, it can acquire a yellowish or greenish tinge. The brown color indicates the presence of blood and inflammatory vascular damage.

Several glasses of urine samples are used to diagnose inflammation of the Cooper glands. The patient urinates in the first container, then the glands are massaged, and then the patient urinates again. There will be a secret in the urine that can be examined. The prostate is then massaged and the patient finishes urinating in a third vessel. If the leukocyte content in the second vessel increases and the first and third are normal, isolated inflammation of the Cooper glands is diagnosed.

The glands can also become clogged with stagnant secretions, as the length of their channels entering the urethra reaches 2 to 8 cm, resulting in blockages that become a source of inflammation. Antibacterial therapy and massage are used for treatment.

How to reduce emissions if aroused

Sexual arousal can come as a surprise, and in some men, the amount of secretion from the penis is so great that it can show through clothing. There are several ways to avoid such situations:

  • Live a regular sex life. 2-3 intercourses per week are sufficient for normal gland secretion.
  • See a urologist. In some cases, increased ejaculation indicates inflammatory processes, hormonal disorders, and prostatic hyperplasia.
  • Do not wear tight panties. Loose canvas is less leaking.
  • In an appropriate position, try to avoid visual or physical sexual stimulation.

In some cases, an increase in the amount of precum is triggered by dietary supplements to increase efficiency and improve sperm quality.

How to increase the amount of ejaculation

Increasing the amount of ejaculation is important for men who have sex without a condom to improve slippage, as well as for those planning conception. Basic modes:

  1. Increased foreplay time. Unprepared sex leads to damage to the mucous membranes of the genitals. The long-lasting, high-quality foreplay promotes intense lubrication for both partners.
  2. Use of aphrodisiacs or dietary supplements. Supplements with spicy flour, ginseng, deer goat goat goat can enhance the excitement. The ejaculate is more noticeable.
  3. Minimize smoking and alcohol. Toxins negatively affect gland function.
  4. Drink enough water. Sufficient fluid must enter the body for normal secretion.
  5. Do regular exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles: Kegel, squats by kidnapping your pelvis, bridging your pelvis.

Testosterone stimulates the secretory activity of the Cooper glands, so in men, the amount of ejaculate naturally decreases during andropause. Its synthesis can be supported by taking plant and synthetic testosterone enhancers under medical supervision.


Things to remember:

  1. The pre-ejaculate lubricant is released in response to sexual arousal. Its amount depends on the level of sex hormones, age, degree of attraction.
  2. There may be sperm before ejaculation. They can be released shortly before orgasm, they can stay from previous intercourse, or if a man has spermatorrhea.
  3. If there is too much or too little lubrication, testosterone levels should be tested, and the prostate gland should be checked for hyperplasia.