Emptying the penis during an erection

In humans, the process of excitement is related to the transition of the penis to an erect state, which is the key to successful intercourse. During an erection, secretion from the penis is considered a physiological norm and is necessary to create a favorable environment for the release of sperm. In some cases, changes in the nature of the secretions and the appearance of atypical signs indicate a disturbance in the functioning of the urogenital system and may be associated with diseases. All people need to know where the limit of the norm ends and whether pathological manifestations begin in order to take timely action to eliminate health problems.

Why does mucus form?

Under normal circumstances, an erection in men, when an erection occurs, is associated with the formation and release of the ejaculate - a clear, viscous fluid in small amounts. This has nothing to do with premature ejaculation, and the purpose of the lubricant is to neutralize the acidic environment of the urethra and vagina.


The purpose of sexual intercourse is the process of fertilization, and certain conditions are required for the normal movement and maintenance of sperm. In order to create an optimal environment, a transparent secret is handed out. The ejaculate contains a small amount of sperm that must be taken into account to prevent an unplanned pregnancy.

Secretion during secretion occurs during foreplay with the partner, with spontaneous night and morning arousal and masturbation. The second purpose of ejaculation is to lubricate the urethral mucosa to facilitate the release and passage of sperm so that the process of ejaculation is not accompanied by unpleasant and painful sensations.

Thus, emptying a small amount of moderately viscous and completely transparent mucus is completely normal, indicating proper functioning and good efficiency of the urogenital system.

Normal discharge from excitement

An erection is accompanied by the release of the ejaculate before the mucosa, directly with the rejection of the sperm, and there may also be a small amount of constantly producing secretions in the secretions that the gland produces in addition to the gonad, the smegma.

Physiological norms are determined by the nature and amount of secretions, their physical indicators, and the lack of painful and unpleasant sensations in the urethra and penis head.

  • Before ejaculation- colorless, transparent, practically odorless and of medium viscosity. Its release is painless, uncomfortable and does not interfere with intercourse. The amount of jelly-like mucus depends directly on the degree of excitement, the more lubricant is present before the onset of intimacy, the stronger the erection and the brighter the feeling during orgasm.
  • sperm emptying men when excited
  • Semena product that is produced by the gonads and normally begins to appear at the peak of excitement with a full erection. Contains sperm, protein structures, biologically active substances. Normally the color is white and milky, with a medium viscosity texture and a peculiar odor. The amount is highly dependent on the nature of the man’s diet, the degree of sexual activity, and the frequency of intimate relationships. Sperm are expelled during ejaculation from the urethra, and its progression facilitates the presence of lubrication. After ejaculation, the erection normally weakens and disappears.
  • Smegmait is constantly released and accumulates in the folds covering the vaginal penis, so it contains small amounts of all secretions - lubricant, urine and a sperm. Fatty substance, with a whitish tinge, rather thick and dense in appearance. The release of smegma increases when you wear tight underwear, follow rare aquatic procedures with nutritional defects. Bacteria are a habitat and multiplier and should therefore be removed regularly. Depending on personal hygiene, smegma is almost invisible and does not cause discomfort to humans. When set up, it gets into the lubricant and sperm, changing their color and consistency.

Under normal circumstances, any discharge of an erection is physiological in nature, does not cause discomfort, and does not cause concern to men in appearance, color, odor, and volume. Problems arise when structures with atypical characteristics begin to stand out.

Abnormal discharge

One should be warned of the appearance of an unnatural secretion:

  • color change, the formation of green, yellow, dirty shades of gray may indicate the presence of the pathogenic bacterial flora;
  • nodules, granularity, the appearance of clots in the form of white flakes indicate the possible presence of sexually transmitted diseases;
  • blood in urine or semen is a bad sign and may indicate the presence of injury or cancer progression;
  • pus impurities completely accurately indicate inflammatory processes in the urogenital system;
  • examination of discharge in excited men
  • they experience pain, burning, discomfort, unpleasant odor, and itching with both skin lesions, infections, and failure to observe basic personal hygiene;
  • increased discomfort during urination is often associated with the development of an extensive inflammatory process.

It is risky to look alone for the cause of a change in the composition of the secretions from the penis. The person should consult a doctor as soon as possible to make a thorough diagnosis and eliminate the source of the problem.

To eliminate the symptoms, it is forbidden to start medications, especially from the group of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs. Such operations erase the clinical picture and alter laboratory test data, making future treatment ineffective and protracted.

Emission indicators within normal limits

One is able to independently assess the adequacy of secretions during arousal and erection. The main evaluation criteria are the absence of sharp unpleasant odors and impurities, transparent or whitish shades, moderate density.

With minor deviations from the norm, it should also be taken into account that the nature of normal discharge depends on the frequency of sexual intercourse, and in rare cases the amount of discharge increases. The norms of the amount of fluid released depend on the degree of excitement and are also determined by individual characteristics. The spicy smell of an erection discharge does not always indicate illness. Consuming salty, smoked, spicy foods can make a difference. The presence of bad habits in a man reduces the amount of fluid released during an erection and also impairs biochemical and biological indicators.

Adolescent parents need to prepare the man of the future for the fact that at this age, nocturnal erection and emission begin, accompanied by secretions. This is normal, should not cause anxiety or fear, and has nothing to do with the guy’s forbidden actions.


The presence of normal secretions in men at the beginning of an erection is a kind of indicator of health. It is important to understand the limits of the norm and to consult a doctor in time in case of alarming deviations. Under no circumstances should you self-heal.

Independent consideration of one’s own health and the condition of the genitals includes daily hygiene procedures, adherence to safety precautions for intimate relationships, ideally avoiding casual relationships, treating inflammatory diseases in a timely manner, and eliminating foci of infection in the body. preventive examinations at least once a year.