The first signs of sexual desire: what wakes men up and tips for girls

Female and male organisms have different anatomical structures. The basic physiological processes are the same, but nervous reactions are much faster than the stronger sex. Based on the arousal of men and the mechanism of erection - it is important to know your sexual partner in order to increase your interest in yourself and improve your sex life.

A woman excites a man

Mechanisms of male excitement

An erection is a rigid state of the penis when the human body is ready for sexual intercourse. The mechanism itself is due to the fact that the arterial blood penetrates the cavity of the cavernous body of the penis, as a result of which the size of the organ increases, changes the angle of inclination and becomes firm.

The influx during sexual arousal increases the blood supply process by 10-20 times.

Simultaneously with the increase in blood flow, the transverse muscles of the perineum and prostate glands, as well as the muscles that compress the roots of the penis, contract.
During an erection, the volume of the penis increases 3-4 times and reaches a length of 14-18 cm, which is regulated by the nerve centers of the brain and the lower part of the spinal cord.

The erectile response can be divided into several types:

  1. Psychogenic reaction. It appears as a result of auditory, taste, or visual stimuli. Nerve impulses send signals to those parts of the brain that are responsible for the physiological response of the penis.
  2. Reflex erection. This is an automatic response that occurs due to stimulation of the penis. Sensory stimuli directly affect the nerve endings of the penis as well as the rectum and bladder.
  3. Spontaneous erection. Without consciousness control, it usually happens at night.

Sometimes there is an excited state of the penis in the morning caused by either dreams with erotic content or overflow of the bladder, which is a physiological norm. In adolescents, nocturnal erections can occur 3 to 6 times a night when one is asleep and unaware of it. The reflex even works in people with disabilities or patients with musculoskeletal disorders.

Erectile problems are more common in old age due to concomitant diseases of the urogenital system.

The man’s body is shaped so that after eye contact with the object of desire, fantasy images appear in the man’s head, images of future sexual intercourse. This is the first step towards the emergence of sexual attraction.

The second stage is physical contact. The stimulating effect on men is through caressing or other touching of the genitals, even through clothing. With each step, the penis becomes harder, increasing its size 2-3 times.

As the penis penetrates the vagina, the organ grows even more, and during friction, the sensitivity of the head increases. Ejaculation is the process of ejaculation when the testicles are emptied. The last stage of sexual intercourse is detumescence.

Detection is the opposite erectile process when the penis returns to rest. After orgasm, the penis becomes soft, sexual desire disappears due to satisfaction. An erection only becomes possible after 10-15 minutes.


What affects sexual arousal

It is possible to conditionally divide the reasons influencing a man’s excitement into external and internal reasons. Visual images, even fantasies, and are not real, can affect the condition of the penis.

Internal factors

Internal factors include physiological reactions. The blood flowing into the penis is due to nerve impulses, brain signals that give a command to trigger an erection and cause lubrication.

Internal factors that cause sexual arousal:

  1. The work of the central nervous system. There is a message that speeds up blood circulation in the pelvic organs. Looking forward to the joy, images of future intercourse appear in my head.
  2. Testosterone. It is the main male sex hormone. However, it has not been fully demonstrated that it affects lust levels. But the development of the urogenital system depends on the work of androgens. Testosterone is responsible for the development of male primary sexual characteristics and the processes associated with puberty.
  3. Function of the prostate gland. In case of prostatitis, hyperplasia or other diseases of the prostate, the level of libido decreases and there is a risk of impotence.

The health of the male body is the key to penile tightness. Symptoms such as slow potency can be observed in the presence of problems with metabolism (diabetes mellitus), blood circulation or the development of mental disorders. If all is well with the prostate, hormonal background, and central nervous system, sexual desire will be even at the age of 50.

Testosterone is the main male sex hormone

External factors

There are a lot of techniques for arousing men. Several groups of external influences can be mentioned: eye contact, taste sensations, and sound. Even music can affect an erection.

External influence on sexual desire:

  1. Visual images. This is not only the attraction of the woman, but also the riot of fantasy. After visual contact with the object of desire in the man’s head, images of future sexual intercourse appear, causing blood to flow into the penis.
  2. Taste buds. Scientists have shown that certain types of foods can also increase libido levels. These include seafood, garlic, parsley, and even beef. Such food can stimulate nerve impulses and increase blood flow to the genitals.
  3. Scents. Pheromones are a special spell that evokes certain feelings in a person. Maybe your partner’s scent excites you at the molecular level, which excites your brain system.
  4. Sounds. Even music can cause erections. However, loud methods of excitement include either female moans. Such pathogens have a win-win effect on efficiency.

Mechanical methods of excitement include self-satisfaction when the penis becomes larger and harder after direct stimulation. The genitals are the male’s main erogenous zone. Because of a woman’s efforts, she was excited to touch and kiss the man.

The attractiveness of a woman is a visual image of arousing a man

Signs of men's excitement

How to understand that a guy is excited - pay attention to changes in appearance. Based on the behavior, some minor changes can be identified as signs of sexual desire.

Sexual arousal is the reaction of the human body to sexual stimulation. Its strength and duration depend on hormonal levels, well-being, genetic predisposition, and anatomical features of the structure.

How to understand that a person is excited, the first main signs:

  • increased heart rate, tachycardia may occur;
  • there is intermittent uneven breathing;
  • the pupils dilate;
  • blood pressure rises;
  • the tone and tempo of the sound change;
  • not only the penis is strained, but other muscle groups as well;
  • saliva growth;
  • the appearance of "goose hills" on the skin can be observed.

All indications are that a man’s sexual desire is similar to the manifestation of stress.

The main symptom is an erection. How much the penis gets bigger is a unique indicator, but in general, the smaller the penis at rest, the bigger it is during an erection.

The change in size is observed not only during sexual arousal, but also after insertion of an organ into the vagina. Rhythmic friction is another irritating factor that contributes to penis enlargement.

To prolong intercourse, it is recommended to temporarily stop rhythmic friction to reduce tension. A secretion appears on the erect penis that you should not be afraid of. It is a waste fluid that plays an important role in fertility.
Pre-sperm may be excreted as lubricants in the first stage of arousal, during and after copulation.

Horny man

Myths and prejudices

The exciting processes of the male and female bodies take place in completely different ways. There is a lot of sexual speculation on the internet about what drives men. There are many myths, but it’s worth dispelling them to make a woman the most desirable in bed.

What really makes a person:

  1. Waking up in the morning. This is not only a psychological but also a physiological effect. Around 9 a. m. , an involuntary erection of the stronger sex develops. It is at this time that the peak of sexual activity occurs. However, there is another factor that makes morning sex desirable - a warm and friendly woman. Sleepy hugs create comfort and excite the man’s feelings.
  2. Angry woman. There is no scientific explanation for the fact of irritability and sex. Perhaps if there is not enough sharpness and passion in family relationships, the partner willfully provokes the partner, causing anger in him. The reconciling genders are particularly sharp.
  3. Loose hair. However, a certain embarrassment adds a mystery to the picture. Men love long-haired beauties because they intuitively see an ideal mother as their child in a healthy woman.
  4. Naturalness. Dangerous makeup or energizing smoky ice works, but there are other ways. Lack of makeup also turns men on. The reason is severe - you don’t have to eat a lot of cream and lipstick while kissing.
  5. Men's things. A girl dressed in a larger T-shirt in several sizes becomes more fragile and vulnerable in a man’s eyes. Especially if you put it on your naked body. Plaid shirts are also considered pathogens of sexual fantasy. In the man’s eyes, the partner becomes a kind of bully who doesn’t oppose the most daring attempts in bed.
  6. Talented girl. You don’t need to play the piano professionally or be a brilliant musician, just pick up an instrument. Men are turned on by topless girls at the piano, at the guitar, but if the talent is really present, use it more boldly. Beautiful singing, playing an instrument - all of these can affect a person’s erection with the help of sound techniques.
  7. Presence of a small tummy. Healthy lifestyles, fitness models and abdominal cubes are now in vogue. However, most men prefer soft and large shapes: liquid breasts, wide hips, and a small tummy. An impeccable appearance, on the contrary, can scare the stronger gender.
  8. Tiny wrinkles. Oddly enough, but the first signs of aging stimulate sexual appetite. This is because a woman becomes mature and experienced, she has nothing to be ashamed of in sex. And cute dimples on the face or a pair of "magpies" in the corner of the eye just want to kiss your loved one on the cheek. Therefore, women should not be annoyed to see a small net on their face, but should take advantage of the moment and look for a suitable sexual partner.
  9. Small breast size. Men prefer small breasts. And this is true. Fifth-size owners will be in flight if the chest loses its former flexibility and shape. A small chest ages much more slowly, does not descend even after breastfeeding, and looks attractive even in a woman over 40 years of age. Men also like the chest to fit perfectly in the hand.
  10. Desire to eat. A hungry woman with a good appetite is just a man’s dream. All the girls around are obsessed with dieting, making sure they don’t eat extra calories. Of course, you shouldn’t load a greasy and huge hamburger, but don’t reject it when a man offers a thicker dinner than usual. By trying different foods and not giving up on different alcoholic drinks, a woman gives a non-verbal signal to a man that she will not take courage in bed either.
  11. Glasses. In adult movies, you can often see a picture of a sexy teacher ready to work after school. Such a monkey, constantly stuffed with books - a source of sexual inspiration. All you have to do is wear glasses in bed as the man’s imagination begins to actively work out the possible poses.
  12. Faded voice. Squeaky, high tones are annoying. The sexiest was Merlin Monroe’s voice, which came from the lower range. A slight whisper during dinner is an opportunity to wake up your partner at the table. Men don’t like loud and scandalous women because they lose their mental health with them, so they subconsciously choose a calm, low-pitched partner.
  13. Closed clothing. Long dresses without a neckline or floor-length skirt are ideal for a first date. The contactless image excites the man’s imagination and encourages him to continue courtship. Plus, being too accessible, a man in a short skirt, doesn’t become such a desirable target because it’s so easy to win and guys love to play and achieve.
  14. Unburned areas of skin. A very weird fetish that some guys like better. At the same time, the unburned panty line looks particularly spicy, as if the woman is even more exposed. Therefore, you should not sunbathe naked, you can leave several areas in order to use the technique in bed.
  15. Barefoot. They say men like high-heeled girls - yes, but not as much as without them. The barefoot is a symbol of emancipation and freedom. If you take off your shoes during an evening walk and continue the tour barefoot, the date could end with a hot deal.

Perfect style, vibrant makeup and a short dress are a lossy option. Lack of secrecy, naturalness, and self-restraint guarantee women’s victory over a guy. You only have to be yourself to conquer a man.

The lack of makeup and the woman’s loose hair excite the man

Practical advice

The rules of flirting seem simple, not to all girls. During sex toys, the man can be aroused to such an extent that the image of his choice will not come out of his head. You just have to admit some of the secrets of seduction to win a partner.

Practical advice for women:

  1. Take the initiative. When flirting, try to look the guy straight in the eye, which will get him closer. Show your excitement and willingness to have sex.
  2. Spontaneity. Don’t plan sex, start molesting your boyfriend while watching a movie. No man rejects such a turn of events.
  3. Game. Show if sexual desire changes, try a liberal or sensitive image, experiment. In addition, you can use a variety of themed costumes in bed.
  4. Laughter. Not at the sight of a naked man, but because of his jokes. Humor is another aphrodisiac that can contribute to an increase in sexual desire.
  5. Whisper. Exciting words and phrases told to the ear sometimes contain more sexual stimulants and special drugs.
  6. Touches. Effective error-free method. Stroking, touching and dancing can also cause erections.
  7. Striptease. Slow undressing and inviolability, coupled with when one can only look but cannot touch, ignites passion. Sexual fantasy imagines many possibilities for possible sexual intercourse.
  8. Women's fragrance. And it’s not perfume, it’s a woman’s natural scent. During sexual arousal, a girl’s aroma can change, releasing a certain enzyme that attracts guys.
  9. Confidentiality. The forbidden fruit is sweet, so sometimes partners cheat on each other. It’s worth figuring out a game in which the conquering instinct will work for a man to want to conquer a girl.
  10. Partial nudity. You shouldn’t completely undress in front of a guy. Leave room for reflection. The guy should be eager to find out what lies behind a silk robe and what color the underwear is.

These secrets help a woman be a tiger in bed, win a man she likes, or restore her previous passion for marriage. Love is the very first source of excitement. If a man is in love, the couple will have no problem with sex.

Humor is a great aphrodisiac that enhances excitement