What to do with testicular pain due to prolonged excitement?

During sex, men often experience discomfort and pain in the scrotum and testicles. Don’t be afraid of this, as the reasons for this can be completely harmless. Occasionally, discomfort occurs in the testes after prolonged arousal or prolonged abstinence, or for other physiological reasons. But still there are doubts and fears, you can consult your doctor that after the diagnosis a specialist will suggest how to properly eliminate the discomfort and possibly the consequences.

Why do testicles hurt when excited?

Testosterone and sperm are produced by the testes (testes). These substances are responsible for human appearance and reproduction. And if there is pain during the excitement, other symptoms of the abnormalities, in order to eliminate it as soon as possible to find the cause.

During the initial examination, the andrologist palpates the external genitals. Both healthy testicles should be placed in the scrotum while feeling them - they should not hurt, they should not be flexible, resilient and oval. A person should not feel pain in the groin, testicles, penis, lower abdomen during intercourse, and his sperm should be transparent, milky white or grayish, liquid like sour cream, it has a natural smell. The health status of the reproductive system is also confirmed by normal efficiency, stable erection, psychological and physiological ability to have sex.

appointment of a doctor of excited testicular pain

If the subject's condition does not meet the standards, the physician will refer him or her to laboratory and hardware diagnostics to identify the causes of the abnormalities and rule out pathologies.

Main reason:

  • excessive excitement;
  • abstinence;
  • long breaks with irregular sex;
  • infections, swelling and other diseases of the urogenital system;
  • trauma, impaired blood microcirculation;
  • hypothermia;
  • hernia in the groin;
  • varicocele (varicose veins of the testes);
  • torsion of the testicular cord around the axis;
  • epididymal cyst;
  • congenital anatomical disorder;
  • damage or inflammation of the lumbosacral plexus nerve (ilio-inguinal, femoral-genital, others).

In the initial stages of pathologies, the patient may first notice discomfort during sex, thinking that it was caused by excessive arousal. But with diseases, the symptom does not disappear, but increases over time, there are other signs. Pathologies can only be eliminated by conservative, surgical, or complex treatment methods.

Why do physiological causes cause pain

In the case of sexual contact, the blood flow to the male genitals increases, often performing copulation frictions. Accumulation of large amounts of fluid in the veins and intense movement can cause pain in the testicles or groin as additional pressure is put on nerve endings, vascular beds, genital tissue, and nearby areas of the body.

This negatively affects the man's psycho-emotional state, the desire to continue intercourse, reduces libido. After the act, the pain of excitement slowly subsides along with the blood flowing out of the genitals.

Prolonged abstinence due to irregular sex can lead to prostatitis, erectile dysfunction and testicular inflammation. Due to the fact that a person will be aroused and sperm will be formed, regardless of the regularity of the sex or the probability of the act, and the bladders are tense, producing genitals, there will be pain in the testicles.

the doctor prescribes treatment for the pain in the eggs from excitement

From increased abstinence when it is impossible to start intercourse (partner virginity, prohibition of similar relationships due to therapy), restraint of ejaculation by interrupting the act, or prolonged excitement with active caressing, the testicles, penis, or lower abdominal area wherethe ovaries are found in women) can also hurt.

This is due to the fact that blood-filled blood vessels, capillaries, corpora cavernosa are under excessive tension, and the testicular cavity and ducts are subjected to excessive stress, dilating narrow ducts with pressure.

Outside, the excessive excitement is manifested in the scrotum turning blue or purple and the testicles hardening and enlarging to the touch. Sometimes dizziness, nausea, and pain occur in the loins and headrests of men. If the consequences of excessive arousal are not eliminated naturally - by reaching orgasm and ejaculation, it will hurt until the fluid returns on its own.

Systematic restraint from premature sexual intercourse in men can lead to erectile dysfunction or emotional excessive arousal.

How to eliminate the causes of pain

Medication should not be resorted to if the physician confirmed during the study that the discomfort was caused by prolonged abstinence or tissue overload and was not a disease.

When the testicular pain stems from excessive arousal, you should continue having intercourse during prolonged foreplay or caressing. If a couple does not have the opportunity to end sexual intercourse naturally, it is recommended that a man achieve relaxation through masturbation or other means acceptable to partners.

A prerequisite for solving the problem is ejaculation and orgasm, then the pain will go away on its own within a few hours. In order for the situation not to be repeated the next time we make contact, the couple must shorten the duration of the foreplay.

sexual intercourse as the pain of oocytes from arousal

If men experience pain in the testicles due to persistent abstinence, they may resort to masturbation until a permanent sexual partner appears. The option to "endure and the unpleasant feelings go away on their own" can lead to impotence with repeated repetition.

The pain goes away for 4-12 hours without intervention, as the male body "knows how to get rid of" premature sperm formation through its natural absorption within the genitals. But to speed up the process, the sperm must be removed by masturbation. Then the pain goes away faster as the remnants of the substance are absorbed.


Men 's sexual arousal or prolonged contact causes genital dysfunction. This can damage the eggs and reduce the pleasure of intimacy. To avoid such consequences during the foreplay, a woman does not have to intensely arouse her partner as she is not ready for intercourse and the man does not have to hesitate to use masturbation to get rid of the unpleasant feelings of the law.