What natural methods are most effective for increasing potency after 40

One of the most important areas where it is very important for a man to always feel the best is sex. Symptoms such as a sudden decrease in desire, the inability to have a long-lasting orgasm, or poor irritability can be a cause for serious concern. And the older a man gets, the more often he experiences discomfort in intimate life.

Increasing men after 40 years is not only to increase self-esteem, but also to cure certain genital diseases, reduce the risk of impotence, prostatitis and other ailments.

problems with potency after 40 years

So what is the potency in a 40 year old man, what is the reason for the decrease in potency and how can you improve your sex life after 40 - we will try to answer these and other questions in the article.

Impotence - what is it?

In scientific language, impotence sounds like an erectile dysfunction and manifests as a weak erection.The penis does not reach the required amount and strength to participate in intercourse, it does not allow to reach orgasm.

According to experts, the concept of impotence includes:

  1. Low sexual desire, decreased activity;
  2. The appearance of male infertility;
  3. Too much orgasm is achieved quickly or not at all;
  4. Poor erectile function (impaired blood circulation in the male genital area resulting in inability to participate in sexual intercourse)
decreased potency in men

Symptoms of impotence

Male sexual dysfunction manifests itself in the following symptoms:
Lack of erection - impotence begins to manifest itself in the form of an uncontrollable lack of desire for sexual contact. Problems with the potential at age 40 will be expressed on a psychoemotional level if "fires" are spontaneous and not constant.

Erectile weakness - the second stage of manifestation of impotence is characterized by a form of frequent rejection of sexual sex due to poor erection of the penis due to lack of necessary tension. The most common causes are genital circulatory disorders, hormonal system dysfunction, and nerve endings dysfunction.

Failure to maintain an erection - the third stage of impotence is expressed in the form of uncontrolled orgasm when ejaculation occurs too quickly, often before the penis is inserted into the vagina. This potency problem is associated with vascular dysfunction at age 40.

Why does impotence occur in a 40-year-old man?

Almost half of men over the age of 40 suffer from some degree of erectile dysfunction. Why are there problems with efficiency?

There are two main causes of impotence. The first is related to the psyche. The second is characterized by abnormalities of the body. Psychoemotional manifestations of the disease, according to experts, take up to twenty percent of the total number of people with impotence.

All other cases are manifested at the level of physiology. Proper causes of the disease require a thorough understanding of the causes of impotence in men under 40 years of age. The point is not self-healing, but turning to professionals for qualified help.

Based on the above, it should not be concluded that after reaching the age of forty, all men face impotence.And yet, age-related changes manifest in a decrease in sexual desire, erectile function decreases.

There are several reasons for the deterioration of potency:

  • Psychological - "faulty inflammations" are the consequences of emotional overload, anxiety, increased feelings of stress. As a result, the constant accumulation of adrenaline and the inability to discharge leads to the burning of sex hormones and a decrease in the sensitivity of the penis. If a man begins to record his one-time sexual incompetence, the problem will get worse. The best way out of the situation is not to panic, but to seek professional help.
  • Prolonged lack of sex is one of the most acute causes of the disease. Unstable sexual intercourse or their long-term absence negatively affects sexual function. The body no longer needs this area of vital activity and redistributes resources to other, more important (in its opinion) goals. Redeeming the situation will be the creation of a sex life, a regularity in which each of the partners will have pleasure.
  • causes of decreased potency in men
  • Tobacco addiction is also one of the reasons why men struggle with an increase in potency at the age of 40. Nicotine entering the body negatively affects sexual function and impairs heart function. Men who smoke during intercourse due to negative manifestations of potency are advised to reduce their usual number of cigarettes per day and try not to smoke a few hours before sex.
  • Alcohol dependence is one of the most famous ways to achieve impotence quickly. Even without constant use, many people know that in a state of alcohol intoxication, the excitement starts very quickly, but the secretions may not come out. A person in such a situation becomes aggressive, his psyche begins to suffer. If alcohol consumption becomes regular, efficiency weakens over time and then disappears completely. To preserve sexual function, it is better to exclude alcohol from everyday life.
  • Diabetes mellitus - contributes to the appearance of potency problems in men 40 years and older. Nitric oxide, which is responsible for irritability, is blocked in the brain by high glucose levels in diabetes mellitus. The substance does not enter the bloodstream in time, leading to a weakening of potency. In diabetes, weight gain occurs, which is one of the reasons for the onset of hypertension. Together, these two diseases do not contribute to a good blood supply to the male penis. Another cause of obstructed blood flow is atherosclerotic plaques that appear on the walls of blood vessels.
  • diabetes mellitus reduces efficacy
  • Hormonal Disorder - The body is characterized by a change in the amount of the hormone testosterone. The natural decline occurs after thirty years and manifests itself in virtually no way. At the age of 40, the male body can fail, with problems of potency appearing if measures are not taken in time to normalize hormonal levels.
  • Cardiovascular disease - age-related changes in the body lead to worsening of the condition of the blood vessels. First they find the small blood vessels, capillaries, which supply blood to the genitals. Potency begins to decline. It is much worse if the poor blood supply affects the functioning of the heart and brain. This leads to the appearance of very serious diseases, not only in the sexual sphere, but also as a cause of heart attack and stroke.
  • A chronic stage of genital disease - the most common reason for not going to the doctor is banal disorder. It is easier for a man to self-heal or simply endure discomfort in the hope that it will go away on its own. This attitude to your own health has very negative consequences, one of which is impotence.
genital disease leads to impotence

What other reasons influence the decrease in potency in men at age 40? If a person moves little, has a sedentary job, does not monitor his diet, takes strong medications for a long time, then these factors also negatively affect sexual function and do not contribute to a harmonious sex life.

These are the main reasons for the weak potency of men 40 years and older. The problem does not arise overnight. It accumulates over the years.

If a man has not paid attention to his health during his life, has barely paid attention to mild symptoms, and has lived carefree, then after forty years the body will give off a lot of diseases and complications. And impotence only becomes a consequence of such careless behavior towards your body.

Symptoms of impotence

Every male body is unique. And the potency after 40 also manifests itself in different ways. When a man begins to notice the following signs in himself, it is immediately about such an illness approaching impotence at the age of 40:

  1. Bad or missing erection;
  2. Very low irritability;
  3. Difficulty reaching orgasm
  4. Frequent desire to toilet "in a small way";
  5. Reluctance to sex.
symptoms of impotence after 40 years

How to treat impotence?

As mentioned above, one of the main causes of violation of potency is a psychological complex. It most often occurs in the background of one or more spontaneous "failures. "The man decides he can no longer "know" and tries to avoid sexual intercourse because he fears that he will no longer cope with the role of lover.

If at the age of 40 and at any other age, efficiency is violated, one tries to deal with the problem himself, or either puts an end to himself completely, or begins to heal himself. That is, you do everything just not to go to a professional - after all, a real man can’t be weak. The use of dubious drugs not only often does not eliminate the problem, but also becomes the cause of more complex diseases.

The main advice is to drop all stereotypes and go on a date to a trained professional.After the test, the man is prescribed appropriate medication. The doctor also recommends preventive measures so that the patient always feels the best during intimacy after the therapeutic course.

the doctor talks about the structure of the penis

How can the advice of doctors naturally increase the effectiveness of men after 40 years?

  • Try to lead a healthy lifestyle, play your favorite sports, spend more time outdoors;
  • Completely review your diet and include foods such as honey, carrots, eggplant, herbs (parsley, dill, spinach), goat’s milk (if possible) - these foods contain a lot of zinc, which stimulates the production of germ cells;
  • Make sex a regular activity;
  • See your doctor regularly and have them examined.
Traditional healers also suggest a number of recipes to promote zinc production and increase blood flow. Honey balm, mummy tincture, oak bark decoction have a good effect on potency.

The latter is the most popular recipe. It requires twenty grams of oak bark and one liter of water to make it. The crust is filled with water and boiled for forty minutes, then the broth is filtered. You should take two or two teaspoons at a time. Making the recipe is simple but very effective. Thanks to the versatile help, men in their 40s forget what a violation of potency is.

One natural way to improve potency that does not require the use of drugs and folk remedies is temporary abstinence. For a good erection, it is enough to have sex for two or three days. Such a short break has a beneficial effect on the blood flow to the male penis, stimulating a brighter orgasm with more intense sperm release.

problems in family life due to low potency


Modern life, especially in big cities, when one is exposed to stress every day, has no benefit to the human body. The consequences of a hectic rhythm of life are problems in the sexual sphere, the potency weakens or disappears completely. Advertising abounds in anti-impotence drugs. But it’s more a homage to the times than money making for pharmaceutical companies.

Many men after 40 years really don’t know how to improve their effectiveness. Today, doctors offer a large number of tools to restore erectile function, up to pivotal methods such as egg prosthetics.