What foods increase male efficiency?

One eats foods that are useful in terms of potency

In order to remain effective, the body must provide a full range of nutrients for this and limit the consumption of foods that inhibit reproductive functions.

What foods are harmful to you?

The list of potentially harmful products includes products that worsen the condition of blood vessels and blood, contribute to overweight and distort hormones.

Among them:

  • Sweetness. It leads to obesity and increases the risk of diabetes. Sugar abuse can lead to nerve damage, increased estrogen levels, and impotence.
  • Trans fats. They are found in fast food and many semi-finished products, increase cholesterol levels and trigger blood clots, reducing potency.
  • Smoked products. The fluids used to make them infect the testes with aggressive toxins and reduce testosterone synthesis.
  • Row. It contains phytoestrogens, so biasing in favor of estrogen disrupts the hormonal background and brings the andropause closer.
  • Pastries. They contain sugar and acids that impair testosterone production.
  • "Bad" cholesterol foods - margarine, fatty meats, sausages, fast food. Increase the risk of vascular disorder and damage to blood flow in the pelvic area.
Rejection of fast food, which causes a decrease in potency
Attention! The products listed are not only harmful to men. They should be excluded from any healthy diet. Leaving them, one loses nothing valuable and vital.

What foods are good for you?

Seafood has a very good effect on efficiency - squid, octopus, mussels, oysters, algae, salmon, salmon, tuna, etc. They are saturated with zinc, which is involved in the production of testosterone, slowing down its breakdown and conversion to estrogen. They also contain many easily digestible proteins, phosphorus and B vitamins.

An ideal product to increase potency is eggs.Its yellow contains "good" cholesterol, which is important for the normal functioning of the whole body and a raw material for testosterone production. It also contains many iron, zinc and fat-soluble vitamins that are needed by the gonads. Protein is needed for good efficiency. The egg is almost 100% absorbed.

Nuts and seeds are considered potentially useful products. Walnuts contain zinc, selenium, amino acids. They improve endocrine functions, stimulate the gonads. It is enough to eat a handful of almonds, pistachios or other nuts a day to heal.

Useful products to increase the effectiveness of men

Of the seeds, pumpkin seeds are the most valuable for the reproductive system. They contain many zinc and other compounds that are important to your work - fatty acids, phosphorus, fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins. It is also beneficial for men to include flax and wheat seeds in their diet.

Meat and poultry are excellent sources of amino acids. The most useful are beef, veal, rabbit, chicken, pork, turkey and fermented dairy products, which are rich in proteins - kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese.

As for vegetables, men should include in the menu asparagus, cauliflower, beets, tomatoes, arugula, celery, pumpkin. From fruits and berries - avocado, goji, watermelon, banana, sea buckthorn, grapes, raspberries.

Many herbs and spices stimulate effectiveness. For example, tarragon, cumin, saffron, basil, cardamom, St. John's wort, turmeric. Honey and bee bread are no less useful to him.

Introducing the listed products into your diet will only increase your effectiveness if you lead a healthy lifestyle.Let us not forget that the condition of the reproductive system depends on many factors, so measures to maintain its health must be comprehensive.