Useful products to increase the potency of men

Potency is a person’s sexual ability, which consists of the ability to have sex, arouse, and conceive children. The impact depends directly on the huge list of factors, the most important being diet, lifestyle and health. Doctors also name the most important products in terms of potency.

A list of these products should be included in every man’s daily diet. This will not only prevent erectile dysfunction and impotence, but also increase potency and libido. All that remains is to make a top list of products that are useful and forbidden for men and the urogenital system.

seafood for potency

How does potency depend on the consumption of certain foods?

Even in the time of the goddess Aphrodite, products have been identified that increase a person’s strength and libido, regardless of age. Today, doctors have made many arguments about exactly how such foods affect a man’s sexual potential, and also about what can reduce activity in bed.


  • vitamins A and E are needed for full reproduction and increased male fertility;
  • Vitamins B help nerve endings to transmit impulses that cause excitement and related processes;
  • calcium, magnesium, zinc and selenium, sulfur contribute to strong erections and adequate efficiency;
  • carbohydrates and fats increase a person's stamina;
  • amino acids remove radicals and toxins from the body, preventing many diseases;
  • Protein is the building block of testosterone and core fluid synthesis.

Every man needs to remember that overeating and food abuse can lead to loss of potency and hunger - complete cessation.

Products that increase men’s sexual performance

A man’s daily diet should be balanced and varied. Potency-enhancing foods are steamed, baked and cooked, there can be no question of baking.

And the most valuable is the food that has not undergone heat treatment. You can maintain the potential with the following products:

  • All kinds of nuts. In addition to vitamins E and B, they also contain substances such as magnesium and zinc.
  • A fish. Sources of phosphorus, calcium, zinc and many vitamins, fish should be on the menu at least twice a week.
  • Lean meat. For male sexual activity, preference should be given to red meats, rich in composition and useful properties.
  • Some sweets. The most useful for the genitals is honey, dark chocolate.
  • Chicken eggs. The composition of the product improves blood circulation, increases the immune strength, helps to better fill the tissues of the penis with blood during an erection, thus eliminating problems related to potency.
  • Seafood. It is a source of zinc and protein, thanks to which testosterone is produced in sufficient quantities.
  • Citrus fruits. These fruits are irreplaceable sources of lutein, which increases the concentration of testosterone in the blood.
  • Vegetable oils. A source of vitamin E and other substances that improve sperm quality, they create hormonal levels.
  • Grenade. Thanks to this fruit, the walls of the blood vessels and the functions of the heart are strengthened, the blood vessels dilate, and blood flows more easily into the genitals during an erection.
  • Greens. Parsley and spinach are considered old men’s foods to increase strength and potential.

Also useful products include celery, pomegranate, pumpkin and various berry juices, koumiss drink, herbal teas and dairy products.

What should be categorically omitted?

Knowing what food is needed to increase potency will not make it difficult for a person to put together their diet. Dilutable with cereals, lean meat, eggs and offal. But products that are useful in terms of potency are not the only things you should know for sure. There are foods that, on the contrary, can trigger sexual impotence.

harmful products in terms of efficiency


  • alcoholic beverages that reduce testicular function, which inhibits potency and reproductive functions;
  • fatty meats and fish that increase blood cholesterol levels and lead to erectile dysfunction;
  • overly salty foods that disrupt many processes in the body, damage the spine and lead to edema;
  • carbonated beverages, cakes, confectionery that lead to obesity;
  • smoked, canned, which contaminates the body with radicals and toxins.

Also, do not resort to energy drinks that have a short-term effect and blow to the cardiovascular system. The main enemy of potency is overweight, so foods should be more plant-based and properly prepared.

The best products to increase potency

Based on the indicated vitamins, minerals and trace elements, you can make a list of the most valuable products for maintaining potency and erection. Doctors name more than 30 products, from which six of the fastest and most powerful products for the sexual sphere can be distinguished.

Product name to increase potency Description of the useful properties of the product
Abomasum or camel If you eat 3 g of dried product, after a few minutes the man will feel strength and excitement. With the help of the tincture on such a product, impotence can usually be cured.
Shells A natural potent aphrodisiac that stimulates the penis. A source of zinc, protein, amino acids and the hormone dopamine (a stimulant of satisfaction).
Flounder An essential product for increasing men's strength and erection. Fish is rich in vitamins and minerals, assimilable proteins, trace elements that are useful for potency.
Mackerel This fish contains omega fatty acids that are important for testosterone production. In addition, the composition of the fish (iodine and phosphorus) is beneficial for the reproductive health of men, as the product increases the viability of sperm.
White radish The product should be used cooked as a garnish for fish and seafood. The preparation is rich in vitamins and substances that increase immunity and the function of almost all systems and organs.


The best products that increase the potency are turnips, fish flounder and mackerel, oysters and pork. You can also add nuts and honey, lean meats, vegetable oils, fermented dairy products, vegetables and fruits, berries and natural juices. If the diet is varied and varied, one will never face impotence due to a lack of vitamins and useful resources in the body.