Traditional methods of increasing potency - an alternative to traditional medicine

a woman feeds a man with potency-enhancing products

Folk remedies to increase the effectiveness of men have long been used and occupy one of the leading positions in the treatment of diseases of the male reproductive system. Why is it sometimes necessary to prefer traditional medicine over that which is attractive to patients? We will talk about this in our article today.

Folk remedies to increase potency in men

The question, "How can you help yourself without pills? " Interests many men. Therefore, even experts have begun to study this issue and found that among the flora, there are those who increase and decrease potency, affect libido in various ways, and can solve many serious male health problems. How to improve the potency of men with folk remedies, what should be preferred?

Phytopreparations usually affect different organs and systems, indirectly solving the problems of erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is most commonly observed in diabetes mellitus, stress, vascular disease, and after serious illness and radical surgery, with a small percentage of impotence due to hormonal disorders and multiple sclerosis.

Fortunately, not all men suffer from such a serious illness, and in such cases, violation of potency or erection is much easier to recover as it is directly related to lifestyle, the presence or absence of physical activity, and diet. and the presence of bad habits.

Treatment of men with herbal preparations

herbs to increase potency

Folk remedies to increase potency are based on herbal infusions.

For example, recipes for nettle for men, mint, St. John’s wort, and clover are most common. You can make a mixture of these four herbs in which each ingredient is 5 teaspoons. Pour the resulting collection with a liter of boiling water and let it boil. After an hour, you can filter the medicine and take it with a glass a day.

If you follow all the rules of treatment, you will soon feel an increase in strength, as herbs are classified as stimulants of sexual activity. This collection is especially suitable for men with prostate adenoma, which often results in impotence.

Such a familiar plant as the organ alone is able to cope with mild cases of decreased sexual activity and erection. You will need dry flowers that are poured into a glass of boiling water in the amount of a tablespoon. When the infusion is ready (wait for it to cool), filter it and drink the amount you need during the day.

The use of calamus root is beneficial for men with reduced potency. The root should be peeled, chopped (20 grams required). Pour this dough to 200 ml. boiling water, insist 8 hours. Divide the total into three equal portions and get drunk during the day. You can easily chew pieces of calamus root.

Lovage has become very famous. Folk remedies to increase potency are often based on its use. The plant is used dry to flavor all foods except dairy foods. Use 2 teaspoons of herbs a day and your potential problems will no longer bother you.

We use vegetables in a new way to improve potency

pair of vegetables to increase male potency

How to increase the potential with folk remedies, vegetables in a new way? All vegetables are good for our body because of their vitamin and mineral composition. But some of them literally act as aphrodisiacs. These are onions, garlic, celery.

For example, garlic tincture for men also acts as an aphrodisiac and a strong anti-aging agent. It is simple to prepare: we take three liters of water per kilogram of garlic. Put the chopped garlic in a 3-liter bottle and pour over water. Shake every day for a month. When the time is up, you can start treatment safely. Drink one teaspoon of infusion daily, the course lasts until the container is empty.

A folk remedy to increase potency in the form of an infusion or other form of celery prepared for men is proving to be very effective. The infusion of fresh plant roots (1 tbsp) is poured into 300 ml of water (cooled, boiled) and allowed to stand for 4 hours. After filtration, drink a tablespoon up to 3 times a day.

Alternative medicine offers a number of ways to increase potency with folk remedies for men who use celery to increase potency. Not only the rhizomes of the plant, but even the seeds are used. Stick a spoonful of seeds in 400 ml. water for 8 hours. It should not be filled with boiling water but with chilled clean water. Take one tablespoon three times a day for at least 1 month.

Nuts and honey for men

walnuts with honey to increase potency

How can the potency of men be improved with folk remedies based on the use of nuts and honey? These two products are famous for their ability to restore lost potency and erections.

The benefits of walnuts for men are versatile. They supply the body with energy, they are useful in exhaustion and chronic fatigue syndrome. Walnuts will be an additional source of protein, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals for the male body. Particular attention should be paid to zinc, magnesium and calcium, which are rich in the seeds of almost all kinds of nuts. Zinc is part of testosterone, without which the synthesis of normal male germ cells is impossible. Magnesium and calcium also affect the intensity of sex hormone production.

Honey has unique properties. It contains several types of sugar, which are simple carbohydrates, i. e. fast energy sources. But unlike ordinary sugar, honey also contains vitamins, minerals, hormone-like substances, and antimicrobial ingredients. Some of the ingredients in honey stimulate the production of white blood cells, which means that they increase the body's resistance to infections.

You can add ginger powder to honey to solve potency problems. In addition, dried ginger is also suitable as a spice for many foods for men.

Honey can also be used with St. John’s wort, but be careful because the herb is considered toxic if not dosed properly. Take 2-3 cups of boiling water for 2-3 dessert spoons of dry grass. After steaming, wait until it cools down. After an hour, the drink can be filtered, diluted with 2 tablespoons of honey, consumed during the day.

In general, almost all folk remedies for male potency contain honey. This not only benefits but also improves the taste of the medicine.

Traditional medicine knows a number of ways to increase potency, but sometimes it doesn’t cope. In this case, the patient is offered a number of traditional medicine drugs that are designed to improve genital blood flow, increase testosterone levels, improve sperm quality and quantity, and means to achieve and maintain an erection. at the appropriate level.

For men, an active intimate life has always been a significant factor. Now, with the increase in life expectancy and the stereotype of a man’s active intimate life, even in old age, an erection is already perceived as a sign of masculinity and male dignity. its usefulness is manifested not only in the mental health of the man but also of his partner.