Exercises to improve potency: strong, vigorous, energetic

A man who has no problem with potency grabs a woman’s hand

The problem of maintaining potency is very acute in the male population. As soon as you become slightly lethargic, the first inconsistencies appear, the stronger gender immediately sinks, you begin to feel complete insecurity, complexes develop in them, which in turn can lead to serious nervous and mental disorders. Self-healing, "prescribing" medications to yourself, or any other manipulation of your body is far from the best solution.

Fortunately, the problem can often be solved, at least initially, through physical education. It doesn’t hurt to consider best practices for increasing potency, even for those who find this problem insignificant. It not only helps with sexual disorders, but also improves overall health, gives energy, strength, and preserves youth for longer.

For Potency: Exercises to Pump PC Muscle

In pure physiology, the aspect of sexual stamina is the problem of muscle training. Muscles that are not used regularly can weaken, sag, and eventually atrophy. From this a simple and understandable conclusion can be drawn - every muscle needs a workout, it will work better, it will stay flexible for a long time, full of energy.

Few know what a PC muscle is. In fact, the name comes from the English language, and the pelvic cavity simply means the pelvic cavity. That is, we are talking about the muscles that are in this part of the human body.

Pelvic muscle workout

In humans, there is a muscle from the pubic body to the coccyx called the pubococcygeal muscle or pubococcygeal muscle. It is found in both men and women and is primarily responsible for raising the anus. Because of its direct connection to human potential, it is commonly referred to as the "muscle of love. "It has a natural shape like a hammock. At the same time, she forms the muscular corset on the bottom of the pool. For the sake of easy understanding, note that this is exactly the muscle with which you can stop urinating.

The man improved his potency by training his pelvic floor muscles

Many people never pay attention to these muscles, they don’t even think about their existence, let alone workout. Therefore, over time, they become flabby, lethargic, losing their flexibility and strength. As a result, it can cause poor erections, premature ejaculation and impotence in men. That’s why it makes sense to train your pelvic floor, strengthening your erection and giving life shine and saturation.

  • To develop, develop, and strengthen your PC muscles, first try to find them in your body, then tighten and loosen them lightly. In a few days, it will be clear how much the situation has improved - it will be easier to control the muscles.
  • You should start with the simplest exercises - alternating quick contractions and relaxation. It is enough to hold it for more than a few seconds at first.
  • After a week, make sure you can keep your muscles tight for a minute or two.

There is still a very effective, albeit difficult, practice in pumping this zone. To finish, you need to get yourself extremely excited first. You will need a dry terry towel rolled up several times like a sausage. Place it on your penis and then perform pubococcygeal muscle contractions to raise and lower the towel.

Thus, the exercise is actually carried out with weight. If this load is not enough, dampen the towel, it will get wet, so pumping will go faster. Of course, not everyone can choose such practices, especially a married man, but they are really effective. If you only do these 2-4 times a week for three to five minutes, you will see clear results in a few days.

Squatting for potency

Squats that promote pelvic circulation help increase potency

Potency-enhancing special exercises are slightly different from the usual exercises that many perform in order to give a beautiful, rounded shape to the buttocks. These squats help to overcome pelvic congestion and seriously stimulate testosterone production. During their performance, they perform a gentle massage of the prostate, the tone of the muscles increases.

  • Starting position - standing, with back straight, feet shoulder-width apart or slightly wider, toes slightly outwards.
  • Tighten your buttocks and then sit down without relaxing them as deeply as possible. Fix the position at the lowest point for 1-2 seconds.
  • Slowly return to starting position.

You must perform at least 15-20 reps in 1-2 sets. While squatting, keep your buttocks muscles tight. If you fully master this technique, you can give a little boost. To do this, lock at the lowest point for 10-15 seconds, swinging up and down slightly with spring movements.

A set of exercises for the prostate and potency

The above movement techniques are optimal for developing the pelvic floor muscles responsible for potency. However, there are other exercises that not only promote the development and pumping of relaxed muscle tissue, but also rejuvenate the body in general, while ensuring proper blood circulation to the genitals. This provides an influx of oxygen, energy and nutrients at the same time.

Rotate by the pool

The pool rotations that activate blood flow are a great warm-up before a workout

For any gymnastics or workout, at home or even in the gym, men are advised to start with this exercise. It is able to thoroughly warm up all the necessary muscles that are involved in providing good potency.

  • Stand straight with your back straight, feet shoulder-width apart and your toes facing slightly outwards.
  • Start the rotating movements with the pool region as if you were twisting a hoop and moving as if you were moving around an invisible center.
  • You must complete at least forty laps in one direction and then the same number in the other.

It is believed that the blood flow in the pelvis is seriously activated and delivers more oxygen to each organ. In addition, it can train the muscles of the back, legs and buttocks that are used during sex.


A man who performs bends for a solid erection

This exercise is also fairly simple, requires no additional equipment, and will not be difficult to perform even for those who have never been involved in athletics. The muscles of the back, lower back and pelvis work here, which increases the conductivity of the spinal cord, making erection and ejaculation more controllable.

  • Stand up straight, keep your back straight and put your legs slightly wider than your shoulders.
  • Lean forward, trying to touch the floor surface with your palms as much as possible.
  • Return to starting position.

Too strong an attempt, it is impossible to fulfill a hundred or two such tendencies, it can only hurt out of habit. It is optimal to start with 15-20 repetitions in one or three approaches and then increase this number to 50, also divided into several approaches.

Walking on the bottom

This is another useful exercise from the complex that you can do at almost any convenient time, without much difficulty. Back in the late 1970s, the famous professor suggested that anyone with a potency disorder should go to the "fifth point. " The technique for this practice is simple.

  • Sit on the floor with your feet right in front of you. Ideally, the surface should not be too smooth to increase friction and thus load. The back should always be perfectly straight. Your arms are bent at elbows as if you were about to run.
  • After lifting one buttocks, transfer all the weight to the other and stretch the leg muscles, pushing this leg forward.
  • Transfer your weight to the "stepped" buttocks. Repeat the same with the other buttocks only.

It is recommended to move forward and then "walk the booty" in reverse order without turning around, this will further diversify the load. This exercise should be done every day, giving about 15-40 minutes to the process, depending on the level of prior physical fitness.

Great move

Lunge exercise with dumbbells, increasing male potency

This exercise includes specific cues as well as guidance on how to do it, when, and why. At the outset, it is worth saying that only big steps need to be taken on an empty stomach. The optimal time in the morning, immediately after waking up, is about 20-50 minutes before breakfast. You will need weights such as dumbbells. Depending on the condition of the muscles, which can be checked with the Cooper test, we can take 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 or 10 kilograms.

  • Pick up dumbbells of the same weight. The back should be straight and horizontal, the shoulders should relax.
  • Take a wide step forward with one foot, move slowly, slowly, smoothly. Gradually lower the knee of the opposite leg to the floor.
  • Get up slowly and repeat the same, but with the other foot.

An approach requires about 12 such attacks. You can do the exercise in two to three series a day.

Stretching on all fours and the "Pendulum" pool

Stretching and a four-legged pendulum help strengthen potency

These exercises don’t just train the very cherished muscles that are responsible for the potency. With the help of such stretching, the back, pelvis, knees and joints develop, blood circulation in this area is significantly accelerated, intestinal peristalsis is stimulated, and congestion is eliminated.

  • Kneel and kneel on your hands. The back, as always, should be straight, not rounded, but not bent. Please note that the arms and legs should be clearly vertical, with the knees clearly in front of the pelvis and the hands in front of the shoulders.
  • Take a shallow breath, start lowering your pelvis to your heels, while stretching all your muscles as far as you can until they fall to your feet. Always keep your arms straight.
  • Stretch gently back to feel all the joints, ligaments, joints in your body.
  • Stand up slowly on your feet in a shallow squat. The point is to keep your buttocks below your knees.
  • When exhaling, we move the pelvis to the pasture as far as possible, then when we inhale - backwards, thus swinging.

Such movements should be repeated 10-12 times. You can divide this exercise into two by doing the stretching separately and the pendulum separately. However, they work much better together. It happens that men out of habit can’t balance in any way, but it’s a matter of practice. First, you can easily cling to a wall, chair, or any other object nearby.


This exercise is performed while lying down, so you need to make a yoga mat. It allows for the quality development of the pelvic floor, which not only provides stable potential in the future, but also reduces the risk of prostatitis.

  • Lie on the floor with your back down, straighten your legs, palms on the surface of the floor.
  • Put your hands behind your head while closing them behind your head.
  • Raise one leg straight up, taking care not to bend at the knee joint. Make more circular motions than writing symbols in the air with your toe. First move clockwise and then counterclockwise.
  • Slowly lower your foot, repeating the same with only the other foot.

At the same time, such simple movements normalize the work of the digestive system, stimulate the intestines, and help to get rid of toxins in a natural way.


Effective for Butterfly Potency Exercise

After completing the "Reed" it is best to start another simple but very effective exercise.

  • Without getting up from your back, bring your foot with your heel as close to your butt as possible, bending your knees.
  • As you exhale, place your palms on your knees and begin to spread them out slowly, trying to touch your knees on the floor.
  • Return to its original position during inhalation. At the same time, help yourself with your hands to spread more strongly at first and then vice versa, making it harder to work together.

You should perform 15-20 reps, 2-4 times a day or a week. In this case, the prostate gland is massaged and all the tissues in the pelvis are saturated with oxygen.


Exercise Glute bridge to control potency by a man

The third exercise completes our complex today, which helps men regulate their potential on their own.

  • Lying on your back, bend your knees so that the angle is correct. Legs straight, straight, completely on the floor surface.
  • As you exhale, lift your pelvis and "push" forward and up. Record your position at the highest point for 1-3 seconds.
  • Slowly return to starting position.

You should repeat the gluteal bridge at least ten times a day, but it is better to increase this number to two dozen. If it seemed too light to you, you might want to put some weight on your stomach. It can be a dumbbell, a barbell circle or even a thick book.

Some nude exercises

There are a number of exercises you certainly can’t do in the gym or on the street. The fact is that it is recommended to perform these only naked.

  • Stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent. Put your hand on your hip on the side of your torso. Swing back and forth while gently rocking your genitals. Remember to inhale deeply and then blow out slowly and gradually.
  • Squat down and, if possible, tighten your abdominal, buttocks and PC muscles. Perform tightening on the pubic muscles while remembering to strain the others.
  • You can also walk naked on the bottom, increasing efficiency. However, you need to understand that the surface must be adequate. Otherwise, scratches, abrasions and other similar injuries cannot be avoided.

A repeat of 7 times will be sufficient for one approach. However, they are not included in the potency-building complex, but are independent, complementary exercises. It is clear that no one is undressing in the gym, so these movements can only be done at home. You can add them to your morning or evening gym plan.

Kegel exercises for men

Kegel exercise increases potency and brightens male orgasms.

Initially, these exercises were designed exclusively for women. Over time, however, they have been shown to have beneficial effects on men as well. They allow you to increase potency, control the rate of ejaculation, and significantly increase the intensity of orgasm.

  • Tighten and loosen the pelvic floor muscles. Perform up to 20 reps in a series.
  • Press the muscles of the anus, fixing the position for a few seconds.
  • Repeat the first movement as much as possible, increasing your speed and intensity.
  • Slowly pull your legs with your knees bent toward your chest and hold them in this position.

It doesn’t hurt to incorporate more aerobic exercise into sports activities, for example, running is considered very useful in terms of potency.

Yoga for potency

The sexual power and power of Eastern men has long been known and legendary. Therefore, it is also worth considering the practices of these people who are famous for their "sexual exploitation. "There are many types of these practices, such as hatha or kundalini. Let’s take a look at some of the positions that are correctly called asanas.


This is a well-known position, also known as lotus accommodation. To finish, all you have to do is sit down, straighten your back while crossing your legs, and place your legs on your back on your hips. In this situation, Indian yogis can meditate for hours, even days, and even weeks. In this case, straighten the back, massaging each muscle, stretching it slightly.


It’s a heavier pose, a kind of shoulder that is popularly called birch. You need to start the exercise from a supine position, slowly raising your legs. Remember that all thoughts need to be concentrated in the groin and your back can be supported with the palm of your hand for stability. It is believed that you should start this asana for two minutes and then increase that time to half an hour. You may also want to try the 5 Tibetan Eye of Rebirth exercises.

Principles for performing potency-enhancing exercises at home for men

A woman in the arms of a man with excellent potency

There is a huge selection here, so everyone can choose the one that suits them best. The main thing here is to understand the main directions and rules to achieve success with minimal effort as soon as possible.


  • Any exercise, be it Indian yoga or ordinary aerobic exercise, should be done slowly, thoughtfully, measuredly and smoothly. There are no jerky sprains that damage weak, untrained muscles. Excessive movements are excluded.
  • If a few gestures are not given but cause pain during execution, they should be postponed to better times.
  • If you’ve never done physical education and athletics is a dark forest for you, it’s better to start small - 2-4 reps for each exercise in one or two sets.
  • Only with a positive attitude should you switch to potency-building exercises. Without this, more or less significant results can hardly be achieved.
  • Make this set of exercises your morning or evening workout. This will help you tune in to work or really relax after a long day at work.
  • Regularity is key to increasing and managing potency. Only if you do everything systematically, without omissions and omissions, can you really feel the results of your work in a week.

Sport is useful and harmful to its potential


  • Swimming.
  • Fitness.
  • Run.
  • Competition.
  • Basketball.
  • Freestyle wrestling.
  • Tennis.
  • Fencing.
  • Oriental martial arts.
  • Rock climbing.
  • Yoga.
  • Ski competition.
  • Javelin throw and disco throwing.
  • Bodybuilding (medium).


  • Marathon.
  • Cycling races.
  • Riding.
  • Motorsports.