Top products for potency

a woman feeds a man with potency-enhancing products

There are plenty of foods and drinks to increase your potency, but there are some that are a must-have in your diet. Schematically, in order of importance, this list can be presented as follows.

Products to increase the effectiveness of men are rightly in the first place sea fish and seafood. It’s great to have mackerel and flounder on the table. Oysters and octopuses are welcome and can be classified as aphrodisiacs. Mussels are rich in zinc, which is an essential component of testosterone synthesis.

But not everyone can recommend oysters. Seafood is contraindicated in people with a weakened immune system who have a history of diabetes mellitus and low-acid gastritis.

Eat the best raw seafood. To give them a spicy taste, we can also sprinkle the gift of the sea with lemon juice. All nutrients remain unchanged.

Flounder is famous for its taste. It contains enough vitamins, amino acids and other substances that have a beneficial effect on the condition of an erection.

Mackerel contains polyunsaturated fatty acids that are actively involved in the synthesis of testosterone. Adequate amount of phosphorus, one of the elements of which is to improve sexual function.


The advantages of these rather expensive shells are:

  • increase stamina in bed;
  • delaying ejaculation;
  • increased libido.

Oysters are contraindicated in patients with diabetes and in inflammatory processes in the pancreas.

Sea fish

Mackerel and flounder are excellent home remedies to increase potency. They contain the amino acids and phosphorus needed by men, which is the strength and speed of an erection. It regulates testosterone production, increasing endurance in bed. The food can be prepared by any method other than baking.

Because of the huge amount of zinc, they normalize hormone synthesis better than any tablet and, unlike chemistry, have no side effects. By consuming mussels regularly, it increases the amount of sperm and improves the quality of sperm.

Squid, shrimp

A natural and tasty medicine for men who are infertile due to low active and live sperm count. It contains zinc and selenium to remedy the problem.

Delicious foods are not the only way to increase potency, drinks also heal and strengthen the reproductive system.

Freshly squeezed juices

Juice Action
Pomegranate It helps lower blood pressure and improves blood circulation in the pool
Pumpkin Relieves inflammation of the prostate, prevents the development of tumors, regulates the production of testosterone
Watermelon Improves blood circulation, stimulates the synthesis of sexual androgens
Carrot Strengthens blood flow, normalizes metabolic processes, strengthens erections.

An important condition without which the benefits of juices are lost is naturalness. Drinks should be made from fresh vegetables at home and drunk within 15 minutes of centrifugation. Analogs of fruit juices sold in stores are low in vitamins and other beneficial substances.

Ginger tea

Opinions on root vegetables say it has amazing power. Ginger is used to treat erectile dysfunction and is useful in obesity, decreased immunity and frequent colds. It is recommended for hypertensive patients, it regulates blood pressure and helps remove excess cholesterol from the blood.

Ginger can be added to food as a flavoring, but a drink based on it is more useful. They are made differently, but the simplest is to clean and grind a piece of ginger root (about 2 cm) on a grater and pour it into 200 ml of boiling water. Let it cook for 10-15 minutes, we can season it with honey or we can put a slice of lemon in it.

Ginseng tincture

Treating impotence with folk remedies is impossible without the "male root" tincture. Ginseng was used to increase potency many years ago and has not lost its relevance to this day. Every pharmacy has a ready-made medicine in its selection, you can also prepare it.

Ginseng improves men's strength by stimulating the body's physical abilities:

  • The guys will be active and persistent in bed, recovering faster after sex, forgetting about premature ejaculation.
  • Among natural medicines, ginseng enhances immune protection, making the body almost insensitive to both infections and radiation.
  • It improves cerebral circulation in the areas responsible for libido, bed satisfaction and testosterone secretion.

Testosterone biosynthesis, the lack of which negatively affects male sexual function, is impossible without omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, zinc and selenium, which are abundant in various seafood. Which one do we recommend for the stronger sex? These are a wide variety of mollusks as well as certain types of ocean fish. Particularly popular marine "aphrodisiacs" include:

  • Oysters, which serve as a source of proteins, carbohydrates, trace elements, B vitamins, PP vitamins and niacin. In addition, the high zinc content helps protect the male body from infections of the urogenital system, and the presence of polyunsaturated fats and ceramides serves as an excellent prevention of cancer.
  • Shrimp and crabs provide the body with easily digestible proteins that reduce the levels of "bad" cholesterol, thereby benefiting the flexibility of the blood vessels. At the same time, the body's ability to form blood is improved, which helps to normalize erectile function and improve sperm quality.

The beneficial effects of different nuts on maintaining men’s health have also been known for a very long time. Their variety, from noble nuts and almonds to tiny pine nuts, contains plant proteins, fats, essential oils and lots of vitamins.

Vitamin C and B vitamins, which have a positive effect on testosterone synthesis, are especially important in eliminating potency problems. In addition, all nuts are rich in arginine, an amino acid that improves blood circulation and helps normalize erectile function.

One of the most popular ways to consume nuts, which is often used to improve potency, is to combine it with honey. There are many variations of the popular recipe in which the essential ingredients are peeled and chopped walnut kernels and honey.

In addition, various dried fruits (such as potassium-rich dried apricots) and lemon peel can be a source of ascorbic acid. It is recommended to cut the walnut into small pieces so that it is easier to digest. But honey, even condensed, should never be heated so as not to lose its healing properties. Such medication should be taken with up to two teaspoons daily.

If many have heard of the benefits of expensive delicacies (red fish or crabs) to the power of males, not everyone knows the benefits of modest parsley (as well as dill, coriander, spinach and onions! ). Nevertheless, this product is very valuable for the stronger sex because it contains apigenin in addition to significant amounts of vitamins and trace elements, which limits the production of female sex hormones in the male body, which has the most beneficial effect on testosterone levels.

In addition, androsterone, a substance similar to the male sex hormone, has been found in the vegetation of the above plants.

Consuming parsley helps

  • prevention of prostatitis;
  • normalization of the adrenal glands, which produce a certain amount of testosterone;
  • cleaning of the urinary tract.

The effect of food on potency has been studied since ancient times. Even in the old days, many products were identified that men had to consume in order to increase sexual activity. Such were nuts, raw chicken eggs, snake blood, dog meat, and so on.

Today, scientists have found that the potency-enhancing effect is not caused by a strange mixture of exotic products, but by a number of useful substances and vitamins that may be contained in well-known and acceptable foods. To maintain a proper diet, all people must follow basic dietary rules:

  1. A systematic menu that should include foods that contain vitamins A, E, and B. The first two are involved in increasing sperm activity and the third is involved in driving the nerve impulse.
  2. Uniform food intake. We recommend that you eat small portions so you can control the amount of food you eat and not eat too much.
  3. Regular meals because a hungry person is unable to engage in sexual activity.
  4. A balanced and varied diet according to the body's individual energy use.

Meat products for potency

Meat dishes should be a major part of everyone’s diet. Meat dishes are the main source of protein. The protein base of meat contributes to the production of thyroxine in the body, which is actively involved in all oxidation processes at the intracellular level. Horse meat, lamb, rabbit meat, poultry meat is useful.

Lovers of exotic food will eat a fried roast with roasted eggs and minced thrush. The effect is simply amazing - such a food is effective in increasing the effectiveness of men.

Camel stomach (vaccine) can be attributed to products that increase the effectiveness of fast-acting men. If you eat it, your erection will definitely increase. The only problem is its lack.

In addition, this meal leads to an improvement in the quality of the sperm composition. If you enter the diet, you can become a father even after 50 years.

The stomach of the camel is not subjected to heat treatment, it is consumed in small quantities half an hour before the expected sex. Tincture from camel stomach is also used: 100 g of product is placed in one liter of vodka and infused for two weeks.

# 2. Catch fish - small and large

Fatty species of marine fish, which also serve as a source of polyunsaturated fatty acids, increase capillary permeability, improve blood circulation, and restore erectile function. They also help prevent prostate cancer. These foods (even if we talk about fatty fish) are easily absorbed by the body, supplying us with proteins, vitamins and minerals.

However, one should not think that only the noble red fish has properties that are so valuable to men’s health. Modest and fairly inexpensive anchovies contain a unique mineral complex - iron, potassium, zinc and calcium, as well as vitamins A and B, to help prevent cardiovascular disease, prevent atherosclerosis, obesity and impotence. .

Vegetables to increase potency

Vegetables are a wide range of products of natural origin that increase potency and generally have a positive effect on the body.

Turnips occupy a major place in the stock of plant products. This vegetable is literally full of substances that improve sperm selection and quality. Its seeds have the same ability. Cooked turnips can be used as a supplement to various foods. A combination of turnips, carrots and honey is useful. This 1/3 cup mixture should be eaten after each meal. Contraindicated in patients with liver disease.

It is very necessary for male strength and vegetables such as: beets, cabbage, celery. Each is able to increase libido.

Onions and garlic should also be an essential part of men’s diet. It will be more effective if you eat dill and parsley in parallel. However, the pelvis is better supplied with blood. A strong erection is only possible in a healthy person. In case of general weakness and common diseases, the erection will be weak (in this situation, we recommend that you do exercises to increase potency at home).

Garlic is very useful. It is an excellent preventant against the development and development of prostatitis. The positive effects of this vegetable on the nervous system have long been known. This is due to the high vitamin B1 content. Resistance to stress increases, and at the same time, sexual function is strengthened.

Garlic can dilate the blood vessels in the penis, which increases blood flow and improves erection. People with stomach and liver problems use this vegetable with great caution.

What fruits are good for men

Strengthen your potential. It allows you to prolong sexual intercourse from several minutes to at least an hour, increases a woman’s stroking sensitivity, and allows her to experience incredibly strong and long-lasting orgasms. Study and apply new positions. Unpredictability in bed always throws women up. Let’s not forget about other sensitive points in the female body either. The first of these is dot-G. You can find out the other secrets of unforgettable sex on the pages of our portal.

  • minerals: magnesium, calcium, zinc and sulfur;
  • saturated fats and carbohydrates;
  • antioxidants.

At the same time, any man who wants to increase his potency must remember that proper nutrition must be combined with the greatest possible regimen that is favorable to the body. It is worth giving up bad habits, passive lifestyles and other malicious factors.

Using all kinds of nuts increases potency. They contain zinc, magnesium and large amounts of vitamins. These products have a beneficial effect on the urinary system as a whole. From the amino acid composition, they contain most of the arginine needed to produce nitric oxide, which provides a good erection (erection is activated through nitric oxide).

Walnuts are a very valuable product in terms of male potency and lead to the normalization of basic metabolism and hormonal levels. Sexual function is enhanced.

What nuts are worth eating? Overall, all nuts are good. Their regular consumption is recommended as they contain arginine, which promotes vasodilation. The blood supply is increased, including the genitals. Arginine has a positive effect on the quality composition of sperm, increasing the motility of sperm. They also contain tocopherol, enough zinc and selenium. Without these elements, normal sexual activity is simply impossible.

We advise all members of the strong half of humanity to use honey and nuts to increase male potency, the recipes of which can be found on our website.

Many herbs can dilate blood vessels, increase blood flow, and eliminate prostate congestion. Here are some recipes for men that can increase sexual desire:

  1. Nettle helps very well. It is used as an infusion. Pour 100 g of crushed leaves into 300 ml of boiling water in a volume of 300 ml. It is also used in the form of seeds. Used in combination with red wine and honey.
  2. The ginseng root, which must be consumed with honey, has always been an indispensable assistant in this regard. This composition raises libido well.
  3. Thyme is one of the best health products for the strong half of humanity. It is even used to prevent prostatitis. The herb contains a lot of zinc and is needed for the synthesis of testosterone. Inflorescence is used. They are given as an infusion to be taken in equal doses throughout the day.
  4. Celery is good. This plant is extremely rich in zinc. All parts of the plant are eaten, including the root and stem. You need to consume 100 g of this wonderful herb every day.
  5. The effect is certainly seen with regular use of garlic. It contains phytoncides that improve prostate function.
  6. Parsnips eliminate the stagnant and inflammatory processes in the prostate gland.
  7. Calamus rhizome. This allows you to get the results you want quickly. It just needs to be chewed or used as a tincture.

If you know what other useful products there are for men’s potential, please share them in the comments.

Foods that are harmful to potency, adversely affect sexual strength, the quantity and quality of sperm, reduce testosterone production. Their presence in the diet should be avoided or minimized.

Potentially damaging products include:

  • Buttered bakery wares;
  • High cholesterol products;
  • Fast food;
  • Alcohol;
  • Various smoked products;
  • Sweet carbonated water;
  • Flaxseed, soybean and corn oil;
  • Drinks with a high concentration of caffeine.

In addition, addiction such as smoking can lead to impotence. Therefore, members of the stronger sex who want to maintain a man’s strength for many years must carefully monitor not only their diet but also their lifestyle.

The product we are talking about now appeared on the general sale relatively recently. We are talking about celery, which contains a wide variety of vitamins and minerals. Celery contains vitamins A, C, E, PP, K and B, as well as a unique mineral complex including zinc, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and iron. In addition, this product serves as a source of androsterone, which enhances the manifestation of secondary sexual characteristics.

But this, of course, is not the end of the list of its healing properties. Celery is a diuretic and helps treat infections of the urinary system, liver, kidneys and reproductive organs.

Of course, this product is universal, you can use both the "peak" - the aromatic herbs used as a seasoning, and the root vegetables of the plant, which are eaten raw, cooked or fried.

Since ancient times, meat has been one of the products needed as a source of male strength. It contains essential proteins and amino acids from any type of meat. However, meat, along with the substances needed for the normal functioning of the male body, serves as a source of fat and "bad" cholesterol, so the use of meat products requires a very thoughtful approach. The most useful for the stronger sex:

  • veal;
  • lean beef;
  • chicken breast;
  • rabbit meat.

In addition, it should be remembered that cooking, steaming and baking should be preferred among the various heat treatment methods, as this product accumulates carcinogens during baking.

Quail eggs for the male body

Chicken eggs are considered one of the most controversial dishes today, but they are no less popular. Indeed, a few minutes are enough to cook an egg, a fried egg, or a soft omelette. This product contains all the ingredients you need for life: proteins, polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, making it completely unique in some way.

In addition, eggs are a valuable (and most importantly, affordable! ) Source of healthy cholesterol, without which testosterone synthesis is impossible. However, the high cholesterol content of this product is a reason for nutritionists to limit egg use: up to two eggs once every two days. Opponents of this approach argue that eggs contain a substance that limits cholesterol levels in the body.

Squid, shrimp

In addition to foods that improve erection, there are also foods that have a negative effect on it. You may want to leave them completely or, in extreme cases, minimize their consumption. The list includes:

  • flour products;
  • fatty meats and cheeses;
  • sausage;
  • margarine;
  • butter;
  • pies;
  • smoked meats;
  • fast food;
  • corn, flax, soybean oil;
  • alcoholic beverages, in particular beer;
  • caffeinated beverages;
  • sweet soda.

In addition to meat, quail eggs are another animal product that is useful for male efficacy. If there are problems with the sexual plan, for such men, quail eggs should become an essential component of the daily diet (leading to an increase in libido). They contain all the substances needed for the normal functioning of the reproductive system.

It is best to eat raw quail eggs. However, there is no need to fear the possibility of salmonellosis. Quail have a high body temperature and this is uncomfortable for the development of salmonella.

A maximum of 4 such eggs should be drunk daily, plus everything can be used in combination with other products to improve potency. Based on these, medicinal mixtures are also prepared.

No. 6Ginger is a panacea for male potency

Ginger root has long been known as an unusually healing product. The use of ginger promotes rejuvenation and increases efficiency, blood circulation and potency in men. Moreover, the use of ginger-spiced spices is especially appropriate when preparing a romantic dinner, as this product is one of the most famous and, most importantly, an affordable aphrodisiac with a mild stimulant effect.

Ginger root is a wide range of vitamins, minerals and biologically active substances that strengthen the immune system, allowing you to feel a wave of strength and energy. This product is suitable for daily use in the diet of men of all ages, as it can be combined harmoniously with various meat, fish and vegetable dishes when ground into a powder, giving them a spicy spiciness.

However, ginger is not only used to season meat or fish dishes, but also as a base for a variety of drinks that, due to their tonic properties, compete with even regular morning coffee.

Herbs and spices to enhance male potency

Given the question of which foods increase a man’s potential, we should also not forget about the various herbs and spices that need to be eaten for the full health of the man. Such plant "helpers" include:

  • Salty (thyme). It is also called the herb of happiness. In moderate doses, you can increase potency and prolong erotic pleasures.
  • St. John's wort. Eliminate conditions associated with mental stress and restore libido.
  • lemongrass. It promotes the formation of sperm. By using it, the overall tone increases. The action is similar to Eleutherococcus.
  • Oats. It is used in the form of decoctions and infusions.
  • Rosemary. They contain substances similar to sex hormones in their structure. They use leaves and twigs.
  • Thyme. You can make tea with it. Helps with impotence.
  • Ordinary Dubrovnik. It has a stimulating effect on men.
  • Ginger, cinnamon, cloves and cardamom can be used as spices.