Products to increase the efficiency of the men

Every man wants to have a good health. The result of the frantic pace of life, bad ecology, stress, constant psychological disturbances, and even physical well representative of the stronger sex, you can break out in the rut. This has a negative impact on a man's body. Including begin to suffer, and sexual function. In order to avoid the negative consequences, they need to eat right. There are pills that can help to improve potency in men.

The products, which can help to improve potency in men

What should be the diet for men?

The key to the men's activities, it is a well-balanced food. Thanks to them, the body is saturated with vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and other components, which will allow you to keep your body in good shape. This is a proper diet and an active lifestyle contribute to the lack of problems with potency.

The intake of healthy men, it would have to be changed. This needs to be included in the products, which include the following:

  • magnesium;
  • calcium;
  • potassium;
  • sulphur.

In addition to this, the body has to make more powerful erections, plant, and animal proteins, carbohydrates, fats of natural origin. The food should contain vitamins A, C, E, and D, which is necessary for the normal level. In the winter, it is recommended that the vitamin supplements. Raised to the power of a positive effect of vitamin B5 and B6, which regulate hormones, and help fight stress.

The diet for men should be included, and aphrodisiacs. The contained zinc contributes to the development of the sperm. In addition to this, it is advisable to consume foods rich in alkaloids and antioxidants responsible for the feeling of love.

What foods can you increase the power?

Fruits, vegetables, nuts,

There are a lot of products to increase efficiency. The major sources of full erection:

  • nuts, vegetables, fruits;
  • sweets, meat, seafood;
  • honey, greens, fish.
  • sour cream, milk, cheese.

With the regular use of this product, one is always in a normal tone. Consider in more detail the ways in which, on the strength of some of the products.

Plant food

This type of food helps to increase the strength of the. The male is constantly to consume lettuce, celery, soybeans, almonds, quince seeds, nettles, turnips, anise, asparagus, ginger, cabbage, beets, walnuts, pistachios, cantaloupe, carrots, cardamom, pepper, and other goods, which in turn increases sexual activity, and never have a problem in an intimate way.

What is the use of these products? In fact, it contains the vegetable protein, in large quantities, which, in comparison to protein foods of animal origin, which are of lower biological value, but that the amino acid composition, has a beneficial effect on potency. In addition, plant foods contain polyunsaturated fatty acids, helps restore hormone balance, and components that impact on sexual activity.

Doctors advise men to include in your diet are walnuts, peanuts, lemon, mint, figs, cumin, orange, thyme, purslane, avocados, pomegranates, and tarragon. Thank you for all of these products, increases the potency.

Protein foods

It is very important that the man is to eat foods rich in protein. The meat helps to increase the sexual power and therefore it is essential to be included in the diet of the representatives of the stronger sex. It is recommended that you eat fish to increase the erection, a number of times. Very useful in this regard, the mackerel, which contain trace elements, can increase the soreness, and the vitamin E, which is responsible for the production of the major male hormone, testosterone. The fish is best consumed in boiled form.

A diversification of the diet, and vegetables, which beneficially influence the sexual power. To increase the efficiency of the can of turnips, potatoes, mushrooms, onions, carrots. Because of their amino acid composition, increase in libido. This is true to a great stimulant and the dandelion, which is rich in protein and micro-nutrients. It is recommended to add it to your salads, vegetables.

Dark chocolate


Very useful, not only for health, but also to increase the effectiveness of the honey. It has to be mixed with hazelnuts, peanuts or walnuts and drink daily prior to going to bed. The efficiency of the reception of this treat comes in a 4 or 5 in a day. Peanuts or nuts can be replaced with peeled sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, prunes, or other dried fruit.

The dark chocolate improves your mood and fights well with the stresses of life. Thanks to its member antioxidants, which occur without any erection problems. To this effect, and whether.


There are pills that can help to immediately increase the power of the men. These are seafood, such as salmon, flounder, shrimp, mackerel, crayfish, squid. They contain zinc and selenium to affect the sexual function of men, and give the health to the max. Fruits are not only rich in vitamins and minerals, but fatty acids, omega-3 and omega-6, which are involved in the biosynthesis of testosterone.

The same features, and etc. Due to its beneficial properties, which enhances the erectile function. The constituent amino acids increase the production of sex hormones. In order to achieve the maximum effect, we recommend that you use the nuts in their raw form, as a result of the heat treatment of the lost is an important part of protein and minerals. In addition, they are used, they should be in the breeding phase, because during this time, the concentration of the amino acids that they contain, the higher.

White bread with bran

What do you need to exclude from a diet?

In order to prevent problems with potency and prevent impotence, a man has to refuse from harmful products, which have a negative impact on the potency. These include coffee, sweet drinks and energy drinks. You need to eat less pasta, and other foods, the carbohydrates, which contributes to the rapid saturation, but it does not improve potency.

The bread is affecting virility both in a negative and a positive. It is recommended that you do not abuse white bread, such as it can lead to the development of impotence. It is useful for men, or rye bread with bran. As vitamin B is necessary for a normal erection.

Thus, the products of the food must be present in the diet of the people. By eating certain foods increase virility. They, along with the fresh air, exercise and a lot of will power, it is possible to forget about on an unstable erection.